Why Blog About Something So Personal?

This blog is here to express to you my joy and disappointment with infertility, miscarriage, and our unexpected journey to foster parenting.  We have found that our greatest disappointment led us to God’s destiny for our lives.

Throughout my journey, I have found that many women do not openly express their deep grief and questions regarding these delicate matters of the heart. Therefore, I am gradually sharing my story with you so your heart can find healing.  Rather than allow your mind to be deceived that you are alone, I am extending my hand to you and telling you the truth:  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

If you have not reached out to others around you and are holding pain deeply in your heart, I encourage you to read my story as an initial source of healing…  Ultimately, I ask you to turn to Jesus Christ who is the ultimate healer of all pains inside or out.  Also, I cannot tell you how important it is to plug yourself into a Bible believing church and begin to reach out to those around you.  No one will know your battle until you share it first. You will be amazed how may women around you are in the exact same circumstance.  Walking hand in hand with those who are dealing with infertility and miscarriage will bring great healing and an outlet source for your questions, fears and pains.

I love you without having met you.  I have been there.  I have cried tears, laughed with joy, and experienced everything in between.  Though my story may not mirror yours exactly, we are sisters in this struggle.

So, come enter my world and my story.  And then share yours with me.  You can use the “Email Me” button below, and share with me and others what you have held in for only yourself to see.  Together, under the umbrella of Jesus Christ, we can find encouragement to see beyond today and to the future He has planned for us.

If you are not a Christ-follower (or Christian) and have no interest in Jesus, I still encourage you to read through this developing blog.  You will still find similarities in your journey – and I have to say it is my “un-secret” desire that through my story you will come to know for yourself this Jesus who has not only healed my soul, but has visited my wounds every time I cried out to Him.  He has never left me alone.  He held me in great distress and grief and assured me that nothing is too difficult for Him.  His hand has not departed from my hand at any point of my journey whether happy or sad.  I can only pray that you would open your heart to this same Jesus.  He loves you even when you have not loved Him.  As it says in 2 Timothy 2:13:  “If we give up on Him, he does not give up – for there’s no way He can be false to Himself.”  (The Message Translation)

It is my prayer that His greatness and love will be revealed to your heart as you read and/or follow this blog.


1 Response to Why Blog About Something So Personal?

  1. I know its taken me along time to get my life together and Im so greatfull that my children have such amazing parents because of my mistakes. I would really love to hear more about how there doing and get some updated photos if thats possible. Thank you and hope to hear back soon!!!
    P.S. I also have pics/contacts of there sister if u would like them to know who she is?

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