I Can Trust God.

The title of this blog could go in so many directions.

I can trust God as we parent our children. I can trust God in specific matters that relate to Big Brother and Little Sister. I can trust God to help determine Baby J’s future. I can trust Him in every area of our life that pertains to marriage, finances, insecurities, and the list could go on forever.

If there are things that I strive for in my walk with Christ, it is to trust and obey Him more and more and more. If I can just trust that He knows best and offer simple obedience in small and big things, then most other issues will automatically resolve themselves.

A few days ago, trusting God really hit the center of my heart and mind. Especially in the matter of how God answers prayer.

My previous pastor, Pastor Tim Dilena, would always emphasize the importance of praying specifically. This pastoral guidance is one of the many words that hung on to my heart that I continue to follow. If I am praying for someone, I pray very specifically and do the same when I pray for our family as well.

Each night before I go to bed, I pray over several things specifically. First, I spend time thanking God for all He has done (specifically). I pray that all we do and say as a family will glorify Him and be a praise to Him. I pray God will protect our houses, our property, our vehicles, our driveway and garage. I pray there will be no fire, danger or harm that would come near. I pray that only the presence of God would be in our home. If there is any thing apart from the presence of God in our home, that it would be gone in the name of Jesus. I pray for God to post an angel with each child and each adult in the home. I pray there will be no SIDs or death in our home. I pray our children would be safe and protected. I pray that if something is to go wrong, that we would be woken up AND that we would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. That we wouldn’t just roll over and go back to sleep, but that we would obey when alerted. I end each night with additional thanks and then get my tired self to bed.

Before I go into exactly what happened, I need to give some background. Baby D has acid reflux and Laryngomalacia (breathes very loudly as part of his trachea needs to finish developing. It is supposed to 100% resolve by the time he is one year old). Though I know the general advice given is for a child to sleep on his back, Baby D has never been comfortable doing so. He sleeps at an incline on his stomach. This helps him not spit up and it also helps his breathing quiet considerably. At night time, he sleeps in a pack n play next to me on a wedge and with an AngelCare Monitor.

Both Baby J and Baby D have this type of monitor. It alerts us if they stop moving/breathing for more than 20 seconds. The monitor has really helped me be at more ease. I have had it go off several times for Baby J. Sometimes it is a false alarm (because he can roll around in his bed and move too far from the monitor pad), but there have been times the alarm went off legitimately and the alarm startled him back to breathing (and of course we went running to his room). All that said, throughout the night, I tend to open my eyes and see the green light blinking on Baby D’s monitor and then go back to sleep.

A few days ago, I woke up out of a dead sleep. It was startling how quick I woke up. I instantly felt drawn to “Baby D”. I looked over and saw the light blinking and told myself to calm down. The room was pitch dark and I decided to use the restroom real quick. I couldn’t stop thinking about Baby D and decided to turn on the TV screen (our trusty night light) when I went back to our room.

I was horrified. The wedge that Baby D sleeps on was separated from the edge of the pack and play and he had managed to scoot himself up and his head was hanging over the edge of the wedge. It was such a tight space.  I don’t know if he would have been able to lift his own head out or not.  It could have also obstructed his breathing. The AngelCare monitor didn’t go off because he was breathing just fine. I instantly lifted him out of the tight space he had gotten himself into and couldn’t stop thanking Jesus. I heard God’s voice very clearly in my heart. He said, “See, Dana, you can trust Me.” The way God said it was so loving and so assuring. He not only answered my prayers specifically, but He gave me even more calm as I sleep in the days ahead. I know that He can/will wake me and that brings rest to my soul.

I haven’t stopped using AngelCare, but I know that He is my TRUE Angel Care. He monitors every part of each of our children and can set off an alarm in our hearts whenever He needs to. All we have to do is respond!

As a follow up “mention”, I did not post the shortened version of this story on facebook.  Mainly because I didn’t want to hear comments about safe practices.  What happened to Baby D was something that happened despite my best efforts to put him in the safest possible situation while sleeping on his stomach.  The point of me sharing this is not to get wrapped up on preventative measures (which I take VERY seriously), but to focus on how God answers prayer specifically and how I can trust Him more.

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3 Responses to I Can Trust God.

  1. Sherice says:

    It’s neat how God works. Our small group has been talking about big faith. In the beginning it describes how the first sin was not due to Satan or eve’s weaknesses alone but the fact that she didn’t trust God! She didn’t believe that God had her best intentions in mind when he told her not to eat of the fruit. I find in myself when I am fearful or discouraged it stems from my lack of trust in God. When I trust in God I am at peace and much more calm. There are storms… But what am I reaching for in the storm? Safety? Control? Or am I reaching up to the One I can truly trust?! Live you Dana. Your story has helped me tremendously to remind me of what he is trying to teach me:) love ya!

  2. Amber Beaton says:

    I can relate to this Dana. From the very beginning with Karis, I have had so much fear. God lovingly reminds me that He is in control and I can trust Him completely.. One night I felt that I needed to go check on Karis in the middle of the night. She had managed to get the blanket wrapped completely around her head. I thank God that she was ok. I pray so much over that little girlie.. I know He wouldn’t want it any other way.. I thank God for my praying momma and one day your kiddos will be so grateful for you and all your prayers.
    Thank you for sharing about praying specifically.. I will put this into practice.

  3. Sara Gardner says:

    I am going to start with thank you so very much! This is Xavier and Lana’s Aunt! I have been grateful for this Page. Yet so angry for so many years that the state took my niece and nephew for me. I tried very hard to keep them in there family n feel I didn’t get a fair shot because were not a family of much money. As I look back I’ve realized that this was the best thing for them. They have had a wonderful life because of you. You n your family have gave them a healthy happy family. It would have been hard for me since I don’t have a lot to give besides love. I had two of my own children at the time and was only 25. I’m a strong woman an hard worker but it would have been extremely hard to raise two more children at that time. Plus now I have had another child and two step children. But do wish that I could have watched them grow in front of me,but am glad to have had this at least. Miss them incredibly. They are always on my mind and in my heart. My sister has had a very hard life we all have and those children would have had a hard time too.They are amazingly lucky to have been picked by a great couple. Many children get lost in the system. I see this in my would all to often.You are extremely brave and selfless for taking on these children. Most only want a baby.So grateful to you for keeping them together. Are family is very lucky that you choose them because at least we have had the chance to still be able to watch them.Most people never know what happens to there children. There just gone never to know of how things turned out. I would hope that when they are grown you let them know that we exist and they have some family that still think of them and love them very much! Wish you all a great loving life. I thank you again for doing what we were unable to do. I don’t expect a reply just really need to do this. have tried many times but just didn’t know what to say or if I was out of place. Tanks again Xavier n Lana’s Aunty Sara

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