A Few Updates

There are lots of things I should be blogging about and that I WANT to blog about!

Instead of expecting the impossible of myself and sharing in a lot of depth, I want to at least put a few things down in this blog entry to get us up to date.

Let’s see….

Baby J is still with us.  He has been with us since the end of October 2011 and life could not and would not be the same without him.  We are VERY attached to him, as are Big Brother and Little Sister.  So far, it does not seem he is going anywhere soon and if he did have to leave, I don’t know how I could deal with that.  I am just expressing myself very honestly and with total transparency.  If he ever had to leave, we would feel so much grief.  We would be devastated.  We are definitely hoping he can stay with us forever, but know that decision is ultimately in God’s hands and also in the hands of court systems, lawyers and DHS.  We do lay our hearts and lives in God’s hands and trust God with the outcome.  To him, we are Mom and Dad…he doesn’t know any differently.  I can’t imagine anyone else consoling him when he is upset or knowing him the way we do.  I can’t imagine him in any other place than our arms.  But, our job as foster parents is to take care of him to whatever extent we are allowed.  If that leads to adoption, then that will be a glorious, glorious day.  And if it doesn’t, we really have no choice in the matter.  No matter the grief, it is not up to us.  Ultimately, our place is to put our trust and hope in God, knowing He knows what is best for Baby J.

February 24th was our one year anniversary with Big Brother and Little Sister as official son and daughter!

Some people call it “Happy Gotcha Day”.  I remember waiting soooo long for it to finally become official.  They had been with us so long that we looked forward to being able to give them our last name and call it “finished”…  I used to long to hear the name “Mom” and now I hear it all day long!  They are so precious.  Big Brother definitely shows signs of being the firstborn (leader, wants structure, wants to be in charge) and Little Sister is more of a free spirit engaging everyone around her.  Big Brother loves to play with Legos and has impressed us greatly with his ability to follow directions on the Lego boxes and build really cool cars, planes, and more.  What is even more impressive is that after he builds what the box tells him to build, he will completely disassemble and then create something from his imagination.  We wonder if there is an engineer or something similar waiting to come out in his future.  It seems he is very creative and at the same time, very hands on and aware of small details.  Little Sister, on the other hand, is a charming little girl, to say the least.  She makes friends in a heartbeat and quickly has a crowd around her wherever we go.  I’ve heard it’s her glasses and her little girl voice…  I think those things are the icing on the cake.  It seems she just has the “it” factor (as Baby J’s case worker says).  There is just something about her that can’t be duplicated or worked for.  She just has that “thing” that draws people to her.

Here are a few pictures I hold dear….

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