Baby J is here!

Well, folks, we are in day two/three of having Baby J with us. He was born this past Saturday and is truly the sweetest little guy ever. I have to say that I love him already.

I always know God’s hand is in everything, but this is one of the times I was able to hear a little of the “behind the scenes” miracles. It seems God hand was on him coming to our home. We almost feel hand selected to be his foster parents. This is what happened….

The placement worker from Childhelp has been trying, for quite some time, to build a relationship with those at DHS who place infants in foster care. This past Monday, she was on the phone with a DHS worker apologizing that they could not take in a certain placement as our agency didn’t have anyone available for that child’s specific needs. While PM (Childhelp Placement Manager) was on the phone with DHS, the DHS worker told the PM that she had just received word on a newborn baby born this past Saturday. Somehow, the DHS worker allowed the PM to call foster parents within Childhelp and promised not to offer the placement to any other agency until she heard back from PM.

Ok, folks, let me explain something. That is a miracle. Usually, DHS gets a placement notification and proceeds to immediately contact all the agencies that work with them. Whichever agency gets the first response gets the first placement. For some reason, God gave favor to PM and she decided to make the first call to us. When I receive a placement call from PM, I usually call my husband so we can decide together what we can do and then get back to her. Even if it is a yes from us, the slight delay of our conversation can effect the outcome. That is why, recently, Jeff and I decided that we were going to say yes to the next placement call we got (under reasonable circumstances, of course). When the PM called me, I was able to immediately say, “Yes!”

Within a matter of ten minutes, DHS offered a placement, we got the call and DHS heard back from our PM that she had a placement for the baby. At least in the Childhelp world, it is unheard for a DHS worker to “hold the placement”. The PM told me several times that there were so many “coincidences” involved in this placement that it seems it was meant to be. I was quick to interject that, “Yes, God does have His hand in all things.”

This past Wednesday evening, I went to the hospital to pick up Baby J. We did have an infant foster child when we first became foster parents, but this is the first time I went to the hospital to pick up a foster baby. It was so special to be able to do so. He had just gone through circumcision, so there was a wait before he could be released. They offered to let us come to the nursery and hold him as he was obviously not very happy at the moment. The minute my eyes landed on him, I loved him.

He has a head full of blondish/golden hair. His eyes look blue right now, but I think they are going to darken to brown as they are quite a dark blue. He is a little guy and can only be described as sweet! I can’t post pictures of his face on my blog, however, I cropped some of my pictures so you could at least see his little hands and cheeks.

He is such a good natured baby. When he is ready for a feeding, he doesn’t even cry. He just starts to make those priceless baby sounds I have always longed to hear. He sleeps exactly 3 hours, wants to be changed and fed and then goes back to sleep shortly after. [Oh, the life of a newborn! ha ha!] The only time he is clearly MAD is when I have to change his diaper. Oh – he does NOT like that. Otherwise, he is such a happy camper, sporting his baby hats and pajamas. Comfy as can be. 🙂

He is very strong, lifting his head and kicking me (with anger) when I change his diaper (ha ha). I am pretty sure he is going to be a climber!

I am preparing my heart and expectations for this to be a temporary placement. Of course, I can’t discuss the case openly. I will say that if only birth parents were involved, I might allow myself to hope he could live with us permanently. However, there are relatives involved and I am always very aware that family gets the trump card in every single foster care case – unless they are considered unfit. Currently, one of the relatives cannot take in Baby J, but I am aware that after several visits with Baby J, that person might change their mind. At least that is what I am telling myself. I have nothing substantial to base that on apart from my experience with Baby (the foster infant we had when we first became foster parents). Baby’s relative couldn’t take her in, but after a few visits, did everything possible to bring her to her home and did so within a month. I know the past doesn’t determine the future, but I am cautious in my heart to realize that it is a blessing to have him in our home today and for as long as he is with us. There is always a bigger picture involved than the child. There are relatives, birth parents and even agency workers that are ministered to when we take in a child. I get the pleasure of focusing on a sweet little angel, but the ramifications of what God does in these cases goes FAR beyond this little man. If he leaves, he will not remember us and the family will likely not keep in touch with us. But, the family will remember us, even if our names are unmentioned to the baby. That means every meeting we have with them is to be held with honor and respect to them. Even if they are in sin and leading destructive lives, they will not remember us as “holier than thou” people. I pray they will only remember us as servants to their family. We took care of their child for them and out of Christ’s love in our heart. When we take in an orphaned child, it is the eternal picture that matters most. And I pray that even in stressful times, God will use us as a light to this precious baby and his family.

Thank you all for your prayers and support and enthusiasm as we enter into this adventure. You all mean so much to us. THANK YOU!!!

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3 Responses to Baby J is here!

  1. Kristin says:

    That was beautiful!

  2. Heather L says:

    Oh, Dana, I’m so happy for you to have Baby J in your home! And I wanted to say that your last paragraph really resonated with me. I’ve met D and G’s mom a few times and we have such a good relationship. She was so glad to hear that we talk about her and pray for her and their dad every night. I pray that Christ’s love would be shown through us to them. This is all about the eternal… it’s not about this life. 🙂

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