Would We Bring More In?

A lot of people have asked us if we plan on bringing more foster kids into our home. Many think that because we have two beautiful children adopted from foster care, that we are done with foster parenting. It is certainly common to think that foster parenting achieved a means of having children in our home and now that it has happened, we are done.

That thought process couldn’t be farther from the truth. We didn’t enter foster parenting TO adopt. We knew it could be a possibility in the future, but we didn’t think adoption would happen so quickly. We simply felt that if we couldn’t have our own children that we should open our hearts and home to children who were in need. We longed to have children in our home and felt God was ordering our steps to become foster parents.

There is a pull in our hearts for more children to come in. Temporary situations, permanent situations, whatever God brings. Our agency does not frequently get placements for young children (our comfort level), so we haven’t had as many foster children come through our home as most have experienced. However, even in that, I have felt the hand of God in it all. Not being overwhelmed and trusting God’s timing has been a good lesson. This past month, we received three calls for children. One situation we couldn’t say yes to because I was soooo sick and it involved a newborn and a three year old. It brought me to tears to know I just couldn’t physically handle saying yes at the time. Then, we received two other calls. One for a two year old and another for a newborn. We were able to say yes to both, but DHS was able to make a placement before they received our yes (first person who gets back with them gets the placement).

I say all that to say this…. There may be a day in the near future that we get a call to bring in child(ren). Will we say yes?


So, don’t be surprised that we have a five year old, three year old and I am 4 months pregnant (today – hooray) and we still say yes to a foster care placement. We are nuts, we know!  But we are nuts for this passion to foster parent. 🙂

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