How the Kids Responded

I thought I would share how the kids responded to hearing they are going to have a baby sister or baby brother.

We really hadn’t planned to tell the children right away. Honestly, my fear was that something would happen and then not only would we grieve, but the kids would too. I wanted to protect them from that as much as possible.

However, after I was sick for a week straight, Little Brother started to become anxious. He constantly checked in with me and would repeat to me that I had been sick for so many days (as if I didn’t know – LOL). Then, his voice started to sound anxious. Then came his heart’s fear, “Mommy, is something going to happen to you?” I think he thought I was dying – he was worried about losing his Mommy.

After that, Jeff and I decided to tell the kids at dinner when I was about six weeks along. Mainly to alleviate Little Brother’s fear.

As we explained what was going on, Little Brother’s eyes bulged. “ARE YOU FOR SERIOUS?! ARE YOU FOR SERIOUS?! I’M GONNA BE A BIG BROTHER?!”

It was so cute to see how excited he was. Little Sister is excited too. She likes to come hug my stomach already and talks about how she is going to give the baby stuffed animals to sleep with.

I have had to come to terms a lot with how much I would like to control my kids’ comforts in life. I want everything to be peachy for them. But, the truth is this: If something were to happen, what better lesson will they have in life than to deal with disappointment in a Godly way? We would first hand be there to guide them through the disappointment and remind them that God never changes and is always good. On the other hand, if all goes well, we will also be there to remind them that THEY ARE MIRACLES and the baby is a miracle too. They came to us in different ways, but they are ALL our miracles. We will show them how to rejoice!

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4 Responses to How the Kids Responded

  1. Christi White says:

    You brought tears to my eyes! So happy for you and will keep you in my prayers.

  2. Sherice says:

    What a beautiful story of a wonderful moment in the life of your family!!! I feel excited for you all.

  3. Laurie says:

    Dana, you have such a great way of seeing things!! That’s why I love you so much! When you were describing how you told the kids, I could literally picture Xavier’s face and hear his little excited voice in my head!! LOL I am truly excited for you, Jeff and the kids! God is so good (in the good times and bad) our life and our children’s (born and unborn) lives are in HIS hands!! Praying for you all!

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