An Announcement!

Well, folks, I have a little something something to share.

Word is gradually getting out already, so I might as well make an official statement.

I am 9 weeks pregnant!  Surprise, Surprise!

You and me both!


Anyone reading this blog knows that we have experienced three miscarriages.  So, you might wonder why I would post this very big announcement when I am so early on.

Well, for a few reasons.

1.  OBVIOUSLY because we are very happy to have this miracle happen.

2.  I am soooo sick all day long, every day.  No throwing up yet, but constant nauseousness that has landed me rather useless at this time.  I haven’t been in church much lately and have had to cancel so many things I would have normally enjoyed.  Because of this, the word is already getting out as people have been concerned for me in my absence.

3.  If anything were to happen in this pregnancy, you are the crowd I would process my feelings with anyways.  Writing is therapy for me – whether for good reasons or sad reasons.  I certainly have so much hope that this will be a healthy, full term pregnancy resulting in a precious little one in my arms, but also realize I have no control over the end result.  It is truly all in God’s hands.  So, whether it is the result I hope for or not, you are going to hear about it either way.


So, all explanations aside….

It has been years since I have asked for a miracle in this area.  I have in many ways hoped a miracle would happen, but shut myself off from believing it could actually happen to us.  Our last miscarriage took place November 2008.  So, it has been nearly three years and I didn’t have the heart to believe this miracle could happen for us (Jeff believed, but I didn’t).

About a month ago, we were at church and a special speaker was sharing several miracles people experienced.  As he was sharing, faith began to increase in me.  At the end, they had a prayer team at the front available to pray for any need we might have in the congregation.  I turned to Jeff and told him that I felt like I needed to go up and ask God for a healing so we can have a biological child.  He instantly told me he wanted to come down with me.

Little did I know that as I walked down the aisle to ask for prayer, that I was ALREADY pregnant.  The magnitude of that still overwhelms me!

As our pastor prayed for us, I cried so many tears.  Tears of hope.  Tears of heart felt prayers.  Tears of sincerity.  I realized I hadn’t prayed this prayer in a very long time and now the prayer was so built up within me that all I could do was cry.

I found out I was pregnant the Thursday after this prayer.  I have to wonder if God allowed me to take that step of faith before finding out to show me His wonderful mercy and kindness. He already answered the prayer, but allowed me to express my faith to Him before He revealed the miracle.


We are delighting in the wonderful miracle God has done and are so grateful.  I do have feelings to process about all of this and will do so in future blog postings.  For now, I will leave it at this!

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12 Responses to An Announcement!

  1. Heather L. says:

    Oh, I am getting choked up over here! My heart is just so very full for you!

  2. Monica says:

    Dana I am so overjoyed at this news!!! We will be praying for you! xoxoxo

  3. Lorrie Coleman says:

    Sis.Dana, I am sooooo happy for you and Jeff! Congratulations!


  4. Susan Griswold says:

    Congratulations!!! Wonderful news !!!!

  5. Kristin says:

    It took Shane and I three years to get pregnant, so I know this pain all too well. The week before I found out I was pregnant, I had a similar experience…the most vivid dream that I was carying a baby down our hallway. I remeber waking up feeling so peaceful. Like you, I could not allow myself to be too hopeful but my husband kept telling me that he was sure I was pregnant (I had not told him about the dream). After much prayer and praise and tears….I took a pregnancy test and of course it was positive. I can tell you now that I am thankful for God’s timing and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I promise you Dana that I will be in constant prayer for you and your sweet baby!

    • Kristin, I totally understand (after our experience) why taking a pregnancy test would produce tears, prayer and praise. It is hard to take one after so many disappointments. But, WOW, what a wonderful miracle you have experienced! Thank you so much for your congrats and prayers!!!

  6. Laurie says:

    Dana, I am so happy for you and will be praying you through this pregnancy!!! God is good ALL the time! 🙂 Congratulations to you both!

  7. Liz Tardie says:

    Dana, congratulations! I will be praying for you and the baby. What a double blessing–you have two precious children from your heart and a child from your womb. You have the best of both. God gives blessings that go beyond what we may think or ask.

    • I posted your comment on my facebook page. What a wonderful way to capture the miracle…. Children born of our heart and now a child from our womb. Love is the same for all even though they came different ways. Love how you captured that in a nutshell!

  8. Thank you all for your congrats! Love each and every one of you!

  9. Christi White says:

    PRAISE GOD!!!!! So happy for you Dana!! Will definately be praying for you. I was SUPER sick with both my pregnancies so I know what you are going through. I didn’t get out of bed the first trimester except to go to dr visits, hospital or run to the bathroom. I had a rare condition called Hyperemesis Gravidarium. It was awful and I pray you are not that sick. God works in mysterious ways and what a wonderful mystery to behold from him.=) God bless you and your growing family in the coming months.

    Christi White

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