Happy Father’s Day!

Let me tell you.

My husband is the BEST Daddy ever.

You might think your husband is the best Daddy ever, but it’s too bad you can’t argue with me as I type. LOL

We had so much fun celebrating Father’s Day with Jeff.

When Jeff woke up, the kids had him find their cards. He found the cards in the tried and true hiding spot of all hiding spots in the home. You know how it is – kids hide everything in the SAME spot… So it was easy. LOL!

We gave him gifts. I got him a Bobby Flay “Grill It” Cookbook (to those of you who don’t know, my husband is an amazing cook). The kids got him – ahem – he’s gonna kill me if he reads this – but I have to say it – BATMAN underwear! Ha ha!!! I got such a kick out of it that I am laughing even now just thinking about it!!! (Those of you who know me, know I love to laugh at my own jokes). It was so funny because Little Sister let the cat out of the bag before he opened it, but I don’t think he took it seriously. When he opened it up, he said, “It IS Batman underwear!” (I am STILL laughing as I type!!!) He later told me he wasn’t going to wear it to church because he KNEW Little Brother would announce to everyone what kind of underwear he was wearing. ha ha ha ha ha (He’s so gonna kill me if he reads this!!! LOL)

Anyways, back to my regular self (choking back my laughter).

The most meaningful gift the kids gave him was a personalized Tshirt. They made their own art, gave me the words to write on their art and I scanned them into computer so I could print the images on transfer paper…which I then ironed to a white tshirt. A screen shot of the Tshirt image is below… The purple letter is from Little Sister and the black letter is from Little Brother.

Jeff said he wants a Tshirt every year so he can have one as the kids get older. I could tell it really meant a lot to him!

After church, we had his favorite meal (Slow Cooked Pot Roast with whole mushrooms, mashed potatoes, corn and cherry cheesecake for dessert). The kids helped set the table and Daddy was to do absolutely NOTHING but enjoy his special day.

As we walked out of church yesterday morning, Little Brother said to Jeff, “Daddy, I just have to say it again. You really are my hero.” Not only is he the kids’ hero, he is my hero too!

Happy Father’s Day!!!

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2 Responses to Happy Father’s Day!

  1. Curtis hewitt says:

    Hey I know uve never met me but I’m your kids bio father and I wanted to thank u for everything uve done and all the love you both give them I was going through a bad time in my life so truly from the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you for everything.and you dont have to but if u would like to my number is 2487472490 and glad to see that you both take such great care of them have a good one

  2. Christina Gardner says:

    wow i dont even know where to begin so let me start here i love you all with every ounce of love left in my soul i know that with out u too in my childrens lives that i would have caused them as much pain as ive caused every one around me including myself the lord gave u every thing u and my children deserve in life and thats stability and unconditional love thank you for being our angels
    Sincerly with love,
    The biological mother
    Christina Gardner

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