Fun Saturday!

We had an absolute blast this past Saturday!

We packed up the van and went to Metro Beach.

We spent the first hour and a half on the bike trail. Jeff was in the lead with the bike trailer (for kids) and me behind them all. Little Brother and Little Sister said hi to everyone that passed by. If you could just hear Little Sister’s voice, it is so funny… In the sweetest, little, cute, small voice she would exclaim, “Hiiiiieeeee!” to everyone who passed by. Since I was at the end, I could see person after person smiling at her cuteness. Frequently, their little blonde heads would pop up over the back of the bike trailer to make sure I was still behind them. 🙂

Here, you can see Jeff and kids near the end of the bike ride, taking a quick break. The kids loved running in the fields! They ran right into the tall grass until they fell (which was Daddy’s suggestion). It was so cute.

Here’s a cute pic of Jeff with the kids.  🙂


Then, we went to the splash park, which the kids always love. Little Brother was getting a kick out of his water shoes leaving footprints everywhere (since they were wet) and Little Sister had a blast putting her non-diapered bottom in every sprinkler that shot straight up (much to our embarrassment – LOL).

After that, we went to the lakeside. The kids played in the sand (making sand angels – yes it took two showers to get all the sand out of their hair!) while Jeff grilled dinner. We had a little scare when Jeff suggested Xavier should chase the geese. Xavier took up the challenge, but KEPT ON chasing the geese and ran VERY far from us. After repeatedly calling his name (to no avail), I had to ride my bike to catch up with him to get him to come back. Oh my! That son of mine – you give him an inch and he will go a mile! It is funny now that I know he is safe, but I was in a panic then. His little legs are so quick!

It was such a great family day. We all piled up in the van at the end of it all, sun filled and energy spent.

“Satisfaction” is the word that came to my heart as we started the drive back home.

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