Fun in the Sun!

Little Brother had a field trip today and Little Sister and I joined him.

It was so much fun!

We went to Metro Beach – which is a wonderful family (and school field trip) place to go. For those of you not from this area, the park features multiple playgrounds, a large “splash” park, water park, extensive bike trail and is situated on a lake. There are picnic tables and grills everywhere. If you get a season pass, it is only $25. Love it!

We played in the playground for a bit, ate grilled hot dogs (well, the kids did) and then headed to the splash park. It was still a little chilly for the kids to play in the water for too long. After about 20 minutes, I suddenly produced a mermaid daughter and lion son.

They sat on the warm cement huddled in their towels…

Then [dramatic tone], an unbelievable vision [angels singing hosanna] slowly descended before my eyes:

I made you think they were asleep, didn’t I?! ha ha – GOT YOU. They were definitely tired, but this vision apparition lasted less than five minutes before they popped right back up into the water!

Fun in the Sun!

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