Little Brother’s Painted Dresser

Whew!…We finally did it!  Little Brother’s room is now Batmanized and has a painted dresser!  The dresser itself is nothing much to show, it is painted plain black, but his room looks great!  He LOVES his walls!  (I would too if I were a five year old boy – LOL).  Girly sidenote:  I am in love with the paint color in his room…  It plays off the colors so well…It is a perfect tone of grayish-blue.

See for yourself.

[Sorry folks, I still haven’t purchased a digital camera…I rely on my phone’s camera…  I know it is terrible quality!]

Batman is so huge that it takes up 6 feet of wall space!

Oh – and while we were at it, we added a vinyl sticker to Little Sister’s wall too!  So cute!

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2 Responses to Little Brother’s Painted Dresser

  1. Monica says:

    Those are so cute Dana!! 🙂

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