Before Posting Other Entries…

Before I post any other entries, I feel the need to say something.  That is:

You probably won’t see me post any further entries describing my feelings after TD moved out.  Trust me, I could write novels on how I feel and God knows every tear, heartache and love I pour out for her.  I pray for her so often and she is not apart from my thoughts or heart EVER.  I breathe in and out and pray for her and will always love her.

In many ways, writing would help relieve me, but I would never choose to post any writing online.  Often, when I am out and about or at church, I am distracted and able to separate my emotions for the time.  It is when I am at home, and especially in my prayer time, that my tears flow and I allow myself to absorb the loss I so deeply feel.

As Jeff read something I wrote for private purposes, his tears also began to build up.

She was and is part of us.  And our hearts grieve the loss of her very much.

But you won’t see me write anything about all we have gone through and/or what we are going through with this.  It is very private between us and God – and especially out of respect and honor for TD.

So, if you read further entries and wonder why I stopped talking about TD…  It is purposefully out of respect to her.  Please keep praying for her and for us.  Especially for her and then secondly for us.

We will love her forever.

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