Little Brother’s 5th Birthday!

It’s a miracle!  I am posting a blog entry ON TIME!

I feel I had things a little more “put together” for Little Brother’s birthday than I did for Little Sister’s…  In the sense that I took more pictures this time around.  [Note to self, never stop clicking the camera on every birthday, holiday or special event – no matter how busy I am taking care of details.  The details will come together, but memories need to be captured!]

Little Brother told me repeatedly that today was the day he has dreamed of his WHOLE life.  He has always dreamed of being five years old and today was the day! [So cute!]

It was all about Batman today.

For instance, the Batman cupcakes he took to school with him.  (I bet the teachers loved me for the dark blue frosting that surely stained childrens’ faces, hands and desks!  ha ha)

I made a Batman badge for him to wear to school to announce his birthday to everyone.  You see, since he’s five, I can do corny things like this and he totally digs it!  Here is a screen shot of what it looked like:

While he was at school, I set to work to create a masterpiece birthday cake (nervous laugh).  It certainly wasn’t a masterpiece.  I am not a cake artist like Karen Robinson!  She is amazing.  I had no clue what I was doing!

It was the first time I worked with fondant…and I know I totally cheated!  I bought pre-rolled fondant and simply used a rolling pin to flatten it and then used food safe spray paint to achieve the colors I wanted!  LOL.

But, in the end, I have to admit I was pretty proud of myself for creating a cake that turned out cute enough for Little Brother – and had fun doing it!  (The buildings are supposed to be Gotham City…I totally copied a picture Karen sent me.)  See – I didn’t even paint the back of the buildings!  Details, details!!!Little Brother loved it!  (Do you see him eyeing that batmobile?!  He wants sooo badly to pick it up and play with it!)

As soon as he got home from school, he was READY to open birthday presents…but he had to wait until Daddy got home!  That was so hard!

Finally, Daddy got home and he was on it!  Any pics you see of him opening presents are BLURRY!  That’s because I was using a camera phone (best I have right now) and any movement causes blurriness…and there was a lot of movement!  LOL

He got a HUGE Batman vinyl sticker for his wall.  About 6 feet tall!

A new Batman costume.  It was important to have a costume with muscles!  🙂

And the coolest ever Batman card from Grandpa and Grandma!

We ate pizza for dinner (his choice) and then dug into the cake.The look Little Brother is giving = “MOM, I am eating.  PLEASE stop taking pictures!”  🙂

We had such a great time with Little Brother today celebrating his 5th Birthday!

He is such a blessing and gift from God and we are so grateful for him!

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