Little Sister’s 3rd Birthday

Well, Little Sister turned 3 recently!

My feelings on her turning a year older kind of surprised me.  I really didn’t expect my feelings…  But, every time I thought of her turning a year older, my throat would constrict with tears.

All I could think was:  It is beginning.  She is getting older….  And I just know I will blink my eyes and see a teenager suddenly appear.

Anyways, my feelings aside, it was such a great day!  I was just having mommy feelings that are especially strong because I missed so much of her life already.  🙂

While I was out getting kids from school, Jeff went to town decorating.  I was totally surprised along with Little Sister!

When we pulled in the driveway, helium balloons were on the porch.  As we entered, Jeff hung banners, placed Dora Balloons around the house, Tablecloth, napkins, plates – the whole shabang!  [What a great guy I have!]

Little Sister wanted everyone to wear crowns to her celebration…and I have to admit that was pretty cute too.  🙂

Little Sister loved every moment of her birthday!

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