Baby/Children Dedication

Pastor Kevin praying over children and Little Sister playing with Pastor Kevin’s wife, Sarah.  She loved Sarah’s jewelry!

I always wanted to be a mama.  I think anyone reading this blog knows that.  (SMILE)

I just knew I would be holding my baby (not long after marriage) and dedicating that child to the Lord.  

[For those of you not familiar with this practice – a baby dedication is a public declaration before God and our church that we wish to raise our children to love Jesus and to follow Him all the days of their lives.  It is also an opportunity for the church to publically declare their role of support in this endeavor.]

Once again, anyone reading this blog knows that the way I envisioned life to work out, did not happen…  Of course, God had a more beautiful story to write for our lives than the “rough draft” we presented Him.

As we stood with our 2 and 4 year old in front of the church, I was so overwhelmed with the goodness of God.  He not only granted us a “child”, but “children“.

When I was born, my Dad wrote a song for me that has been so special to me throughout all my years growing up.  He sang it at our wedding and I could only imagine him singing it at Little Brother and Little Sister’s baby/child dedication.  As Dad sang in the background, we held our children (Little Brother by the hand and Little Sister in my arms) and the only reflection I had was of God’s goodness.

Humorously, all that was on Lana’s mind was that she had to go to the bathroom.  At this major milestone moment of child dedication, all I could hear was my two year old begging to go to the bathroom….ha ha ha ha.  She kept repeating over and over, “I HAVE to go to the bathroom!!!”  It was so funny….

The child dedication service was such a special moment for us.  Pastor Kevin spoke very specific words over the children.

It was such a miracle moment for us.

Little Brother and Little Sister receiving their own New Testament Bibles.  🙂

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