Adoption Celebration with Friends & Family

Right after the Baby/Child Dedication service (that took place on Sunday, March 20th) we had friends and family over to our house to celebrate!

My parents were able to come for the dedication and Jeff’s family was also able to come.

We were so surprised to have such a full house.  We estimate that over 75 people showed up!  I can’t express just how much love and support we felt from all those who came.  It impacted US to have everyone in our home sharing in our joy.

We showed a DVD that looped pictures we had taken throughout our time with the kids so far, had a light lunch, and fellowshipped.  The little kids hung out on the third floor together…We didn’t ask them to go there, but they all ended up congregating in that particular spot – and they were happy.  🙂

I can’t express just how much our family felt loved in having friends and family come out to celebrate with us!

So many thanks to family and friends who came early to help prepare the food tables so I could greet guests at the front door.

OH – very important to mention my thanks to Monica who saw I was too busy to take pictures.  Thank you so much for stepping in to take pictures so this moment in time wasn’t lost!!!  I would have had zero pictures had you not offered.

(Relative titles respective to children):  Uncle Scott, Aunt Marie, me, Jeff, Casey (cousin) and Uncle Greg

One of my dear friends, Maureen, and my Mom!

Cindy Dilena and TD.

Janeka, Lisa and Kat…A mixture of sweet and spunky.  Love those girls!  🙂

Miss DuWanna and Zion, one of Little Brother’s favorite friends.

Chloe, Rachel and Laura…Awwwwww!

Kevay, Jeff, Tan and Jonathan.

Uncle Scott, Aunt Marie, Uncle Greg, Aunt Sandy and Casey (their cousin).

Rhonda, Cindy and Kelly…all three so dear to me.  🙂

The kids hanging out on the third floor.  Little Brother was sooo tired.  🙂

The kids’ lawyer (best lawyer EVER) and my Dad!

Couldn’t resist posting this silly pic of Kat – one of kids’ favorite people at church!  🙂

Carmella, the entire Lumpkin family (smile), Monica and Tim.

Thanks to Aunt Marie for the cutest fairy wings ever!  We had to tell Little Sister she can’t ACTUALLY fly!  She was ready to jump from the middle of a flight of stairs.  Thank goodness we caught her in time!

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One Response to Adoption Celebration with Friends & Family

  1. Valencia Sanders says:

    It looks like it was a nice celebration for all that were invited. Congratulations and I know GOD will continue to bless you & the family.

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