Poem? Not really, but it’s something…

Tonight, I had a conflict with TD.  It wasn’t totally bad and not really anything she did wrong.  It was more of a disagreement.  Me seeing something through adult eyes and her seeing something through a teen’s eyes.  But I really don’t like conflict – AT ALL.  

After I put kids to bed, I went to the basement to read my Bible, spend time with Jesus and, well…..CRY.  LOL

Sometimes that is how I get shaky emotions out.

Do any of you adults out there know exactly how you feel about something but have difficulty sharing specifically “why” to the teenage race?  Am I alone over here?  🙂

Anyways….as I prayed, I picked up a pen….  Somehow, this describes the space in my heart after our conversation today.

Today, I panicked (inside),  felt concerned and misunderstood

These bumps are part of the journey.

Like well worn shoes the injuries endured can make me soft and fit for the journey.

I can’t give up, I can’t fade away.  I must put one foot in front of the other.

The day’s drawing near when His voice I will hear and my journey will then be all           over.

My burdens will fade when I gaze on His face and I’ll joyfully kneel at His feet.

I’ll behold my Savior – Oh so near

Who will then wipe away all these tears.

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