Baby Spiders

Today, Little Sister was playing with baby spiders.


Yeah, that’s what I said too when she informed me they were in her hands.

“Mommy, look at my baby spiders!”

“Wow!  [while inwardly cringing to even think about spiders]  Where did they come from?”

“I don’t know!  Here Mommy, you hold them!”

“Ok.  Come here baby spiders.”

“Mommy, the baby spiders are crying.”

“Why?  Why are they crying?”

“Because they want to go to McDonald’s.”

haaaaaaaa  haaaaaaaaaaa  haaaaaaaaa

Hmmm….what tells me that it was LITTLE SISTER that wanted to go to McDonald’s?  She is getting too creative for the age of two – don’t you think?!  🙂

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2 Responses to Baby Spiders

  1. Sherice says:

    HAAHA I love it!

  2. I need to try this tactic on abbey. I wonder if it would work?

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