Candelight Dinners

Things are going much better now on the parenting homefront and I am so grateful!

When we were still in the midst of stress last week, I had the idea to get Jeff away from it all. I think we mothers carry the weight of the emotional stress involved when there is conflict with our kids.  However, I cannot imagine the tremendous amount of burden fathers carry when they are ultimately responsible for spiritual, financial, and relationship factors of family life.  No wonder God made men with the ability to compartmentalize!

I could see Jeff was carrying the burden greatly last week.  So, I called one of my friends at church, Laurie, and asked her if she would be willing to watch the kids after school for a little while.  She was so sweet to say yes.

I made Jeff’s favorite dinner, lit candles all over the house and had sparkling cider poured into our fancy glasses.  I met him at the front door formally dressed with glasses in hand.  He greeted me at the door with a huge bouquet of flowers – so sweet!  I still remember him greeting me at my apartment door with a yellow rose in his hand on our first date…sweet memories (sorry if that is too mushy for anyone out there reading).

We made the agreement we wouldn’t talk about the kids at all (which was really hard) and had such a great date night.  It was nice to have a few hours to just be together and enjoy the beautiful gift of love and friendship God has given us in each other.

When the kids got home, they loved blowing out all the candles in the house…Which brings me to a sidenote…  Kids love to see parents doing special things together.  Apart from just knowing their parents are in love and stable, it also gives them an example of what they should expect in a spouse…  We pray our example will be part of what teaches them to wait for the right person to marry and not to settle for something less.

The next night, Little Brother asked, “Can we have a special dinner too?”

“Of course we can!”

We lit all the candles, turned the lights down low and had such a cute family dinner together.  The kids felt so special and it was logged into my Mommy brain that we should probably do this once a month and make it a tradition for the kids.

Oh the wonder of simple things…  Simple things can be the frosting on the cake…  They make life sweeter.

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5 Responses to Candelight Dinners

  1. Michele Groseclose says:

    We have “Fancy Family Fridays” at our house where we use our best china, fancy goblets, candles, etc., during dinner time. I figure why wait for a special event to use our best…. our kids make it special! 🙂 Each Friday, the kids hang up a “Fancy Fancy Friday” sign they made on the front door. Then after dinner, we play a game, watch a family movie, etc. It’s been so much fun and the kids really look forward to it each week. I love making special memories/traditions with them. It will be exciting to see them do the same types of things with their children! What joy they bring!!! Enjoy reading your blog, Dana! May God continue to bless you and your family!!!

  2. Michele Groseclose says:

    Oops… “Fancy FAMILY Fridays” (not Fancy Fancy Fridays) 🙂
    I enjoy reading your blog, Dana!

  3. ritacline says:


    You are such a blessing to me! I am so thankful for you. It does not matter that we may not live in the same city…I feel like God has brought us together for a unique purpose in that He knows every plan He has for our lives….including foster parenting. I cannot wait to share our own joys and struggles with you. I always read your blog and look forward to new posts. Your family is beautiful. Michael and I pray for you, your husband and your precious family every night. Be blessed!

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