Transparent, But Not Too Transparent

I haven’t posted a lot this past week.

Can I be real and transparent without being too real and too transparent?  Hmmmm…. Let’s just say that this past week and a half we have been through some parenting times that were not so fun.  

This parenting thing is serious!  How many of you seasoned parents just got a good belly laugh out of that very obvious statement?!

As a parent, you see the path ahead for your kids (especially your older ones who are closer to their future) and fight for their future success.  I sometimes feel as if I have been made the enemy when I am in fact the total opposite.  I know teens in general have not developed enough to be able to truly understand long term consequences.  They know the stove is hot and they shouldn’t touch it, but they haven’t developed enough to truly comprehend how a small life decision now can have real life future implications.  It is hard to penetrate in a teen’s mind that even behavior patterns can negatively effect their future work, marriage and parenting.  Yeah, you want them to be a kid and have fun – but there are also perameters necessary and guidance along the way.

All that said, we THANK GOD for His grace and strength when we are in the midst of these parenting seasons/lifestyle.  Children are such a gift from God – even in challenging times.

I also have to say that we suddenly understand why so many parents let their kids go.  When you really have to buckle down and work through issues a lot of the time, it seems like a heavenly dream to just let them do what they want to so you don’t have to confront them so much.  Or even to live in denial – assuming your kid is not making inappropriate decisions (even in “small” things)…when you know better.  Believe me – I have been tempted!  BUT, we refuse to do that.  It can be tempting in hard moments, but we love our kids so much that we refuse to give up on their future and what’s best for them.  In the end, it is THEIR decision whether or not to follow Christ for themselves…but while they are under our roof, there will be perameters and clear expectations.  Why?  Because we won’t give up on them – they are our absolute treasure!

And please don’t worry – we are not depressed about this past week’s challenges…  I am just sharing the reality.  Both Jeff and I are willing to do the work and prayer required.

On the light side, I have to remind even myself that they are CHILDREN – even if they think they are going on 30!  LOL

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One Response to Transparent, But Not Too Transparent

  1. ritacline says:

    I love you Dana!

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