Thank you all for praying, I really appreciate it!

I received a call back from the supervisor first thing this morning.  She is SUCH a nice lady.

I explained to her that we heard there is a rule to have no further placements until six months after the adoption is final.  I briefly expressed our disappointment to hear that news.

Before I could even make a case for Jeff and I, she let me know that they would make an exception in our case – with good reason.  “The six month period helps children stabilize in their new home.  After six months, children can be handle changes in the home more effectively.”  She went on to explain that because Little Brother and Little Sister will be with us one year this March, a solid case could be presented for their stability in our home.  She continued with other news, “The State of Michigan allows us to have three foster children in the home at one time unless siblings are involved.  As soon as [TD] is under guardianship or [Little Brother] and [Little Sister] are officially adopted, you will have an opening in your home.  You can have no more than six children, birth, adopted and foster children combined.”

TD is on the verge of guardianship and Little Brother and Little Sister are on the verge of adoption.  So, all we need to do is wait for a little while for it all to be complete and then we are allowed to bring more in.

It could be several months, or it could be less.

Whatever it is, we know the timing is in God’s hands.  Had I not called yesterday, I would have never known all these details and would have likely prolonged the process quite a bit.  Now that the supervisor is looking for placements for us and is “on our side”, I know all we have to do is wait on God’s timing.

It’s a great place to be!

P.S.  Jeff:  It was very good advice to CALL the supervisor!  🙂  Thanks hon!

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2 Responses to Update: GREAT NEWS

  1. Monica says:

    This is such great news Dana! God will work it all out in His timing 🙂
    We are always praying for you!

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