As Little Sister and I were home by ourselves today, the thought popped in my mind that I should contact Childhelp and make sure they have my cell number as the contact number should a placement be needed.  I remember they tried to contact us via our house phone last year and it’s not the most effective way of reaching us.

As I reached for my laptop to email the person I thought was in charge, the thought occured to me that I should CALL instead.  I disregarded it in my mind and reached for my laptop again, but once again, the thought popped in my mind that I should CALL.

So I called.

The person that answered is the person who started the adoption paperwork for Little Brother and Little Sister.  Normally, the receptionist answers and I found it unusual that this person answered.  I was happy to chat with her as she has been to our home and met us all personally.  I think she is a really nice lady and after exchanging pleasantries, I asked her who is in charge of placements as I knew there had been recent changes to that department.

She responded, “That’s me now!”

Her response surprised me.  I had no clue she was in charge of this department.

I explained to her that we are intersted in fostering a baby.  She let me know that typically Childhelp does not place additional children into homes that are in the process of adoption AND for six months following the official adoption.

Hmmmm, I thought to myself, that was unexpected.

The courts are very likely not going to impose a 6 month supervision period over Little Brother and Little Sister after the paperwork is finalized in court this year.  Typically, an adoption is processed and then a case worker watches over the children for an additional six months and THEN everything becomes officially final.  As the kids have been with us for six months already under a case worker and have seen significant improvement, the courts are highly considering waiving the supervision period.  That means everything should become final as soon as paperwork is signed in court.

I was curious as to why the agency might not place more children in our home following the adoption if the supervision period would be waived – especially because Little Brother and Little Sister have lived with us already six months.  I tried not to ask too many questions because my experience with Childhelp has been WONDERFUL and they know what they are doing.  I am the type who is going to submit to “rules” and assume that God is working out His will for our lives through their system.

I called Jeff and shared my disappointment.  His response surprised me:  “Why don’t you call the supervisor?”

“Isn’t that going over the placement director’s head?”

“No, not at all.  Just call her and let her know you are disappointed that we can’t receive placements right now and let her know that if it is that way, then we will submit to it.  But, if there is any way they would be willing to make an exception, we would like to be considered.”

“How about I email?”

“No – make a phone call.”

“But I could email really well too.”

“Why do you want to email so badly?”

“Because I don’t like confrontation.”

“Exactly.  You need to call her to make this serious.  There might be a baby out there that really needs to be placed in our home.  If the supervisor says no, that is her call.  But if she lets us bring in another placement, you did what was needed for the baby in need.”

I knew he was right – as uncomfortable as I felt.

The supervisor is out sick today and I left a voicemail with her asking if she could call me back.

My prayer is that God’s presence would enter our conversation when she calls me back.  Just like my recent blog entry, “Anointing”, I pray her heart would be softened and open to letting us bring in another placement – even if it is not the way they normally do it.

I can only assume that there is a baby that needs to be placed here and God helped me offensively overcome any hinderances present by making a phone call today and talking to the exact staff member I needed to talk to.

God is paving the way for the baby to come here.  And if it is not until 6-9 months from now, we submit to those in authority over us in foster care.  But, if God wants to move the heart of the supervisor, then we will also trust Him to do that.  We ONLY want God’s perfect will.

We know this is all in God’s hands and simply appreciate any prayer support you might have for the children that are to come to our home.  Also, prayer support regarding my upcoming conversation with the supervisor.

Thank you friends!

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