Something fresh hit me as I overheard Veggietales’s version of David and Goliath.  I was driving along as the kids watched the movie, “God Made You Special” (featuring the story of David and Goliath) in the backseat, when the gravity of what Saul did smacked me in the face.

Truly, there are many things found in this passage of scripture that stand out so strongly.  David’s immediate obedience to his father, David’s responsibility to be sure his job was filled at home prior to leaving, David’s courage, David’s bold speech toward Goliath, and, of course, the victory he won as a young man.  Each of these things have all stood out to me at some point and have been lasting life lessons.

But something SAUL did was highlighted in my mind this time around.

Saul was in a serious predicament.  Standing before his entire army was a 10 foot man made of muscle who was easily capable of killing ANY man that attempted to fight him – even a strong man.  Saul and his entire army knew they were ‘had’.  They very likely looked at each other, asking, “Do YOU want to do it?  I know I don’t.”  I can just imagine their eyebrows rise and their complexions fade each time they saw Goliath’s face and caught wind of his declaration, “Give me a man, let’s fight!”  Eerie silence must have followed as their heels sunk into the ground, resolving not to even sway their body, lest someone think they were offering their life on THAT sacrificial battleground.

Even Saul himself, the grand warrior, did not offer to fight nor did he appear to think constructively of WHO could fight the battle.  Of course there are a lot of white lines in between the passages.  He could have met with man after man in his tent, suggesting they should be the ONE to fight.  All we know is that at some point, he was left asking for volunteers who might be willing to accept a grand reward for fighting and defeating Goliath.

As I think of all that was at stake for Israel, I can’t imagine the incredible weight on Saul’s mind.  If they lost, the entire nation of Israel would be forced into slavery.  They would serve their enemies.  Their lifeline as a country would be snuffed into unbearable work loads and nationwide humiliation.  Families that once lived in prosperity, would have nothing.  Even the poor would lose their simple, yet valuable, freedom.

This is what blindsided me:  Saul handed over the keys to his life and his country’s life to a TEENAGER!

Let’s say David was seventeen years old.  He might have been the size of an average junior or senior in high school.  Now, imagine even the most built up senior in high school.  I’m sorry, but teenage boys that age are still small compared to a regular man.

Compared to even Saul, David was small.

Saul listened as David described his defeats against strong animals.  Even if David’s stories were impressive, the decision to let David (the little guy) fight Goliath (the GIANT) meant Saul (the KING) would risk his COUNTRY, his LIFE, the LIFE OF HIS NATION, and EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN.

King Saul risked EVERYTHING on a teenage boy.

David’s brothers looked at him as a cocky youth.  “Stop riling up the army, David!  Be quiet!”

But David persisted.  “Let me fight this man who challenges the living God!”

Looking back, I have to ask myself – What was the element that convinced Saul to hand over the keys of the entire nation to a seventeen year old?

As I asked myself that question, the word ANOINTING hammered my mind.

Have you ever met people that look SO normal, and yet when they speak, they are suddenly more than “normal”?  You’re just having  regular conversation, but each time they talk, something soars in your heart.  Your mind is flooded with strength.  Something inside of you just KNOWS that God has touched this person and they are for REAL.  Simply put, you can tell they are ANOINTED.

As David described the victories he won with strong animals, Saul must have sensed this was not a cocky boy.  This was not a production show.  This kid was for real.  This kid was “streaming live” from God Almighty.  This kid knew it was not his strength, but God’s strength alone.

And Saul handed him the keys to the country.

Somehow he knew that this boy would not fail.  Somehow Saul knew Israel had hope through this simple seventeen year old and trusted him with EVERYTHING.

I want God’s anointing to rest on me.  It is not that I want to be “famous”.  It is not that I want a special story “write up” as David unwittingly received.

I just want God’s heart beating through mine and for God’s heart to touch others.

For instance, my heart’s desire is to see my foster children’s caseworker come to Christ.  Almost every time we talk, during her home visits to us, she ends up crying.  She repeatedly says, “We need more foster parents like you two.”  Oh, let God’s touch be upon me.  I am just a simple girl, trying to be a God follower, wife and mommy………..   But God, let my life touch others.  Please soften her heart to realize that it is not us, but YOU in us that she is sensing.  I have often given YOU all the glory for what You are doing in the lives of our children, but she needs a personal revelation of who You really are for herself.  I know she is sensing YOU, but please soften her heart so she can RECEIVE You.

As I read 1 Samuel 17, it is my prayer that no matter who I stand before – whether it be a “king” or a “pauper” – that they would sense an anointing – or simply put, the presence of God “streaming live” through me.

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  1. angela sword says:

    yes Lord!!!! And Amen!!!!

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