Patiently Waiting.

Today, as I woke up to my cell phone’s alarm, excitement grabbed my chest.  ‘Today could be the day…’  I guess I kind of like living on the edge of excitement waiting for the call.  “Hello Mrs. O’Farrell.  I am calling because we have a baby who is X months old, who needs to be placed before 4:00 PM today.  Would you be interested?”  

The same thoughts swirled in my head yesterday as I was on jury duty, unable to have a phone with me.  “Could they call me while I am in jury duty?”  As soon as the thought came, peace rushed my soul.  I was reminded that each and every time GOD placed children in our home, it has been perfect timing and orderly.  Orderly might seem like a weird word to use – but it is exactly how God has performed his miracles with us.  Even when Jesus healed people in the Bible, He often instructed them to DO something.  Such as:  rise up and walk (lame man), go wash in the river (man with leprosy), go wash your eyes (blind man)…and the list goes on.  Though we can’t put God in a BOX, we can always be assured that details REST in His perfect order.  I don’t have to worry if I will receive a call when my phone can’t be with me.  If I am DOING the things He asks of me, then I can know He is working out His miracle.  God knows ALL things and ORDERS them according to HIS perfect will.

My prayer will always be for God’s protection over children that are to come to our home.  Please keep them from harm.  Keep them safe until they come home to us.  Lord, we are praying for Your miracle(s).

All this time, we have been in foster care to be foster parents.  We knew adoption might come up and we were willing to consider, but we never would have dreamed such a huge increase to our home so quickly and so permanently.  And now I have to be honest and say it has raised our desire to adopt more children…  I am hoping that the baby that comes here might be adoptable.  I don’t wish anything heartbreaking for the birth mom at all.  I am just being transparent that I would love to hold a baby in my arms and be able to love him/her and raise him/her as our own.  What a privelege it would be.

But, until we receive the call, we are patiently waiting…Knowing God holds our future children in His very capable and safe hands.

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4 Responses to Patiently Waiting.

  1. amybeth hodges says:

    Wow, what a blog! I felt every word, every loving word.

  2. Cortney Gough says:

    God is definitely so faithful. Your words are so beautiful and true. Patience is the key word. God is always faithful, we just have to trust and be patient.

    Love you both

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