Baby Time?

We have been foster parents for 11 months now and a lot has happened!

TD moved here in December and Little Brother and Little Sister moved here in March/April.  In less than a year, our home has grown from just me and Jeff to me and Jeff plus three – and all three of them are here permanently!  🙂

Yes, we have had challenges along the way – and there are still times I am overwhelmed with certain behaviors – BUT all that said….  I cannot describe the depths of joy I experience on a daily level as I have opportunity to be a Mom.  I am so grateful to God for blessing us with these three beautiful children.

Now that we have stability in our home and Little Brother understands the expectations within our family structure, I have been getting BABY fever.

Am I crazy??!!!  I don’t think so, but maybe I am.  🙂

Yesterday, I sat down with Jeff and said, “So – whaddya think?  How about we ask for a baby placement?”

He looked at me, his eyes glistening with humor and said, “NO….But you can counter offer.”

“Okkkkk…..I want to have a baby here.”

“They are cute, but they cry in the night and you are already tired.”  He remembers when we had a 3 day old baby – which really was a challenge.  I was working, we took shifts with her feeding schedule throughout the night and he didn’t get to see how she slept after her first month…She was moved to her family right about the time she was starting to sleep through the night.  He only got to see the most challenging season of babyhood.

“Can I counter offer still?”


“When we had Baby here, you only got to see how the first month goes.  After several months, most babies either sleep through the night or only need to get up once.  What you saw with Baby was only temporary…It is not always like that.”

“Well, if the baby is six months old or older, we can do that.”

“YES!  YES!  YES!  Thank you so much honey!”

Childhelp knows we are interested and now the rest is up to God.

Who knows?  Maybe you will see a blog update in the near future announcing a baby arrival to our home!  How great would that be?!

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