Project Complete, Plus Two More!

I had fun last night.  The whole house was quiet, both kids in bed and my tired husband also sleeping.

Within one hour I sewed three pillow covers – because the project was seriously that EASY.

My old sweater now converted into a toddler pillow cover:

I also have a ton of baby blankets because all foster children come with a lot of blankets.  There are tons of organizations that provide blankets for foster children and both Little Sister and Little Brother came with several blankets each….  Many of which I don’t really use all that often.

What better way to repurpose them than to make them into additional pillow covers?!

Here they are:

I had lots of fun and now plan to do the same thing for Little Brother with Old Navy Fleeces my husband no longer wears.  Should be fun!

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2 Responses to Project Complete, Plus Two More!

  1. ritacline says:

    They all look great Dana!

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