Do You Think It Will Turn Out?

When Little Brother went to Preschool, so did Little Sister’s perfectly sized crib pillow…

As we are always looking to save money – especially during the school year – a project I had seen on another blog was brought back to my memory.

My project will probably be in much simpler form than those I have seen on the internet because I am not a super skilled seamstress.

I plan on taking this old pink cardigan and turning it into a perfectly sized pillow cover for Little Sister to sleep on.

I will use the buttons as the pillow entry on the back of the pillow.  Then, I will use a regular size pillow I already have on hand and make it the size she needs.

How about that?  A free project that will look girly, feel soft, and make me happy!

……….Now that I entered this blog entry, I better DO the project now and not put it off!  I think tonight will be the night and I will post it for you all to see tomorrow.

I have to get in the mood to sew, but when I do, I have fun with it!

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