Pictures of Times Past

Today, we got back from spending the weekend with my side of the family.

I am so blessed to have parents that have been married 33 years…who still show their affection for one another.  My sister and her husband have two beautiful children and my brother just got married to a wonderful girl.  When we come together, we simply enjoy being with each other.

We don’t usually do anything too overcomplicated – we talk, drink coffee, laugh our heads off and enjoy the peacefulness/slash/joy of being with family.

Now that we have children, it makes me so happy and fulfilled to be able to bring our kids into the blessing that will be handed down to them of a peaceful, loving home.  I love to see my parents laugh at cute things the little kids say/do, all the while joking and instigating our 15 year old, TD (And TD loves it!).

In these moments, I know my children have lived with me for less than a year, but it doesn’t feel like it.  It feels like they have been with me since birth.  It just “feels normal” and right.

My mom pulled out all my baby, ugly teenager, and almost grown up pictures.  TD and I looked through them together laughing our heads off at my wonderful sense of fashion and taste in eyeglasses.  LOL.  Ok, so I will be truthful – some of the pictures were jarring.  Ha Ha!!!  It was such a good connecting moment with her….

….When we returned home, someone sent me a few pictures of Little Brother and Little Sister from about one and a half years ago.  Little Brother looked almost exactly the same (though clearly younger), BUT it was Little Sister’s picture that stopped me.  She was just a little baby.  She had hair about three inches long and the sweetest facial expressions.  I was suddenly reminded that I have very few baby pictures (no more than 2) of Little Sister and absolutely no baby pictures of Little Brother.  It makes me sad to know that these children belong with us, but THEY won’t have the pleasure of seeing what they looked like as babies.

There is something special about being able to trace your roots.  Especially when you start to have your own children…  It is special to share your history with the next generation.

Though I am sad they don’t have many pictures of their lives as babies, I am elated that their story could begin in our home and we have the opportunity to love, guide and encourage their life story.

Such precious kids – we are so blessed, even if we only have a few pictures of times past.

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2 Responses to Pictures of Times Past

  1. Rita Cline says:

    We went to our foster parent orientation. We are nervous and excited. There is a plethora of children and so few foster homes in our county. We are ready for this new adventure! Training begins on Sept. 11 and continues on the 18 and 25. We are being fingerprinted tomorrow morning. On Sept 20 we will do the CPR/First Aid and Universal Precaution training. Not to mention the packet of paperwork! We have a busy month ahead!

  2. Rita, I am so happy to hear that! I remember the nervous/excitement feelings all too well. It is also the start of a wonderful adventure! The paperwork does take a lot of time, but it is all worth it….You will be WONDERFUL foster parents!!! Keep me updated!

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