My Little Worship Buddy.

Normally, I have my devotional time while the kids are sleeping.  It is an obvious moment to soak in the silence and spend it with Jesus.  However, today that did not happen.  I had a lot of work to do with my design job, phone calls to make for foster parenting appointments and also housework.  By the time I got everything done, the kids were awake.  I didn’t even have time for a lunch of any sort.  

So, tonight after dinner I did the dishes and asked Jeff if he would mind if I went to go spend time in prayer before putting the kids to bed.  I did this because I know that after I put the kids in bed, I am mostly done for…  I am a night owl and tend to stay up late, but to expect myself to get any devotional time in after the kids lay down for the night would be very unlikely.  My mind would get too scattered to concentrate and I would be useless.

I went to the basement and started reading my Bible.  All of the sudden, I heard Little Sister franctically yelling above my head, on the first floor.  I heard her feet running back and forth on the first floor and then heard her shout, “Where is Mommy?!  Where is Mommy?!”  She sounded pretty beside herself and Jeff had to assure her I was praying and would be back in a little while…I could hear it all through the floor :).

Soon, I heard the toddler legs of my two year old coming down the stairs, one by one…right foot, left foot – one step at a time.  She was not going to stop coming downstairs – even if her Daddy said to “stay up here”.  As I heard her come down the stairs, I knew I had a decision to make.  Should I tell her to go back upstairs with Daddy because I am having prayer time – OR – should I include her in my prayer time?

I felt a prompting in my heart to include her.  She came to my lap and said, “What are you doing, Mommy?”

“Spending time with Jesus and reading my Bible.”

“Can you read to me, Mommy?”

I read a few verses to her for as long as her toddler attention span could handle and then we shifted the chair over to the keyboard.  I sat her on my left knee and began to play worship music and sing.  She plunked on every key that could possibly clash with the chord progression of the songs I sang…BUT, it was so beautiful to me.  I know she was enticed by the musical sounds she produced by pushing buttons and playing the keys, but she also mimicked the songs I sang in her sweet little girl voice.  “Lord, You are more precious than silver…”

Another older song I love to sing is, “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.”  Vicky Beeching has the most beautiful tag to this song.  As I sang the tag, “Isn’t He beautiful, outshining sun and stars, it’s indescribable how breathtaking You are”, Little Sister looked up to me with her big blue eyes and dramatically said, “That is music, Mommy.”  (If you want to hear the song for yourself, you can go to:

My heart’s desire to teach our children what it is to truly worship God.  What it is to serve Him wholly and that music is merely an expression of what is already happening in our hearts on a daily basis.

As we worshipped through song tonight, all I could do was smile and express my gratefulness to God for giving me such a beautiful gem – my daughter.  As we turned off the keyboard to go upstairs, she looked at me and said, “I’m your baby, Mommy.”

I couldn’t have asked her to say a better thing in that moment.

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