What I Would Tell Myself at the Age of Fifteen. Friday, June 11, 2010

I visited a blog today and its author listed the things she would tell herself at the age of fifteen.  It really put things in perspective – even just thinking on the fact we have a fifteen year old.  TD and I are different people altogether, so I can’t say all of this advice would apply to her – but this is what I would tell myself (if I could) when I was fifteen (in no particular order):

1. You’re not as fat as you think you are.  You will look at pictures of yourself in 15 years and wish to look that way again.

2. Trust your parents. They seem strict, but you will understand later on.

3. Don’t worry about boys.  That comes in time at the right time. What are you going to do with a ‘relationship’ at this age anyways?

4. Learn NOW not to be a people pleaser and/or pushover. Respect authority, but don’t allow the need for praise to pave your journey.

5. Your choices now, even at the age of 15, effect your future. Don’t waste time or look down on your youth. Instead, dream big, believe in the impossible and STRIVE for it. God can do anything He wants in your life.  Don’t think you have to wait “until you grow up”.

6. Study hard for your tests. Sure, you might get straight A’s now without studying and even through high school, but college will be different. You need to learn HOW to study now so you can succeed later on when it is of greater importance and doesn’t come as easily.

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