War Week Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We are so excited for TD who is able to participate in War Week this year!  (www.warweek.com)

This event brings together over four hundred youth from all over the US who take the things of God seriously.  They go out into our inner city area and minister to the needs of the city.  They do acts of service such as raking, weeding, and cleaning.  They also hold kids crusades and ministry to those who are locked up in juvenile halls.  

At night, the youth come together for challenging church services.  We have guests such as:  Dr. R.T. Kendall, Pastor Jim Cymbala, Minister Donnie McClurkin and special musical guests too.  The services are not designed to be “feel good” services.  Rather, it is designed to challenge and train youth who are serious about their walk with Christ.

Anyone that actually knows TD, knows she has a heart of service to those around her.  She sees the needs of those around her and finds ways to fill those needs.  She is a very hard worker and does a thorough job when given a task.

I will never forget the time I asked her to clean our third floor.  It was taking her soooo long.  I went up there ready to be mother like and “encourage her along” with her work.  (The blunt version was to tell her jobs must be done quickly and there should be no playing around.)  As I went to open my mouth to speak, my jaw dropped open.  Not only did she do what I asked of her, she went over and above by re-organizing toys, dusting every thing media, organizing DVDs, vacuuming couches and so on and so forth.  I learned quickly that when I tell her what to do, I can almost always trust she will do what I ask her to do – and with excellent quality.

So…..back to War Week.

I snuck a letter in her bag.  In short version, the letter conveyed that I know the acts of service will be easy for her…  Her heart of service to those around her is a natural flow from the gift God gave her.  My one prayer for her is that she would hear the voice of God for herself this week.  I encouraged her to look for God’s voice whether it be through those around her, through services, through the Word of God or through prayer.  I continued by letting her know that God has so much to say to her.  He wants to speak His thoughts toward her, He wants to challenge her, He wants to speak destiny to her and to encourage her.

That is my prayer for my girl this week.  That she would hear the voice of God speaking to her for HERSELF.  That she would have her own personal encounter with Christ.

I signed the letter…  Love, Momma Dana.

That is the first time I have ever used the word Mom with her.  I figured that if I call myself that it shouldn’t offend her – right?  As long as I don’t expect her to call me that, I think she will be ok with me signing it that way.  🙂

I love her as I would my own daughter.  So I might as well call it as I see it.  ha ha

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One Response to War Week Wednesday, July 28, 2010

  1. Kathy


    It is so great to see TD at WW with Tori and Hanna. They are always together. I can’t think of better friends for TD. I constandly pray for all three of them to have a true incounter with Jesus! I haven’t seen you at the meetings so not sure if you know the topics. Last night RT Kendall spoke on “Wisdom” and tonight Jim Cymbala spoke on different types of pray but most important being still and taking time to listen for God to speak.

    Just a side note: The 3 girls came back to get something from me and I noticed that TD had a new hair style. She was waring it down and straightened with a headband in it. She looked so beautiful, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I told her I liked the new style and that it was very becoming on her. She thanked me with a really big smill and said that Tori did it for her.

    It is wonder that God has given you and Jeff the chance to teach you three children about Him and His Son. Keep up the great work!

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