Little Boy’s Song Friday, May 21, 2010

Tonight, Little Boy and I had a precious moment.

Every night, I hold him on my lap and pray for TD, Little Boy and Little Sister.  Then I sing a song I heard Nicole C. Mullen sing at the very end of a track on her CD.  I almost wouldn’t have heard it (she snuck it in), but before I switched to the next song, I heard something faintly in the background, I turned the volume up and the song stole my heart.  It was a raw recording of her singing to her child and I always told myself I would sing that song too.  I am not sure if the way I sing it even sounds like her version as it has been so many years since I last heard it.  I don’t even know where to find it again.

Anyways, tonight as I sang it, Little Boy, who had his cheek on my shoulder half asleep, began singing the song with me.  Like I said, he was half asleep, but it was such a precious moment.

When I finished singing, he looked at me with groggy eyes and asked, “Will you tell me the words again?”  (As he often requests).


[His Name], Momma’s precious little boy.

[His Name], You always bring me so much joy.

I’m so glad God gave you to me,

Little Angel, Little Boy

I’m so glad God gave you to me,

Little Angel, Little Boy

When I finished telling him the words, he smiled and his smile seemed to say, “Ok, I’m satisfied now.  I feel loved.”

It was such a sweet moment.

Attached is me singing the song so you can hear it.  I am not claiming to be a great singer, however, it was such a special moment, I didn’t know how else to demonstrate the sweetness of this song…   I would definitely recommend hearing Nicole C. Mullen’s version….it was ever so much sweeter!!!

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