I Love to Sing About Jesus. Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We are amazed how just living our lives before our children impacts them SO quickly.

As I watch them pray, they mimic us entirely.  They pray with eyebrows scrunched in concern and shake their heads slowly from side to side as I subconsciously do when I pray.  Their hearts are so open to Jesus and it is so neat to get to watch their hearts unfold for the things of God.  

The other day, we were driving along listening to worship music.  All the sudden, at the top of her lungs, Little Sister sang, “I love to sing about Jesus….I love to sing about Jesus…..I love to sing about Jesus….”  For a solid five minutes, she sang this song from her little heart.

When I rock her before bedtime, she looks at me and says, “Mommy, I want you to sing and pray.”  If I start out singing “Rockabye Baby”, she will interrupt me and say, “I want you to sing a song about Jesus.”  If I sing a new song about Jesus that she doesn’t recognize, she will ask me, “Is that a song about Jesus?”

When I look at the kids, I can see that Little Boy has a natural leaning toward prayer.  Little Sister has a natural leaning toward worship with music.  My prayer has become that God would give her the gift of music so she can express all the worship that is in her heart.

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