Happy 4th Birthday, Little Boy! Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday, Little Boy!

We had a fun day yesterday celebrating his birthday.

ALL day long he reported to us that it was his birthday!  If he wanted to do something and we said no, his rote response was, “But it’s my birthday today.”  LOL.  I can’t tell you how many times I had to explain that it is his birthday, but we still have rules to follow – even on his birthday.  LOL.  He made me laugh several times yesterday.

When I picked up TD from school, she turned to Little Boy and said, “Happy Birthday!”  She then pulled out about ten handmade cards.  “Little Boy, all my friends at school made you cards for your birthday.”  She then climbed into the back seat and one by one read him the cards her friends made and described each picture to him.  I was so touched by her creativity and thoughtfulness.  I was so proud of her.

As I ordered dinner and iced the cake, the kids roughhoused with Jeff for awhile (pictured above).  There was one point he was carrying TD, Little Boy and Little Sister on his back at one time, but my hands weren’t quick enough to capture the moment by camera (before they all came tumbling down in laughter).

Little Boy wanted pizza and green beans for dinner and strawberry birthday cake.  TD decorated his cake (because she really wanted to).  We ate, Little Boy blew out his candles, we ate cake and then it was presents time!

A Buzz Lightyear hat, a Spiderman swimsuit that includes the flotation device and a Toy Story bike!  So much fun.

He is a precious boy that has captured our hearts.

Happy Birthday, Little Boy!

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One Response to Happy 4th Birthday, Little Boy! Tuesday, May 18, 2010

  1. Hannah
    Happy birthday, little boy!!! I love you a lot!
    Tuesday, May 18, 2010 – 08:28 PM

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