Backyard Moments With God. Friday, April 30, 2010

I was moody today.

After putting kids to bed, I went to sit on the back porch with a cup of coffee. The refreshing breeze soothed my racing mind.  I had been so busy the whole day that I felt I was holding my breath in.  I was in constant movement the whole day.  As I breathed in the smell of freshly cut grass, I was finally able to sing worship to God, thanking Him for everything He has given us.  I viewed the toys and thanked God for children.  I saw the freshly cut grass and thanked God for my hard working husband.  I reflected on thing after thing I was grateful for.

However, there is one area I have had trouble accepting with gratitude.  For months now, I have been so disappointed in all the educational resources we lack.  This is because we live in an inner city area near Detroit.  We drive TD 30 minutes to school.  WE THANK GOD that her school opened their doors to her.  But, I feel restricted with the local school district.  And I will be honest – sometimes I dread all the driving we have to do.  Now that she is settled in and getting all A’s and B’s, we don’t want to pull her out of a school she has come to like.

Then, Little Boy came here.  He is cognitively ahead of his age, however, emotionally, he is considered special needs.  Due to his past of neglect he hasn’t been able to cope well emotionally.  He has made incredible strides, but needs continued services.  There are special needs programs out there, but one of his old foster parents used to live in Livonia and was able to take him to a TOP OF THE LINE special needs school.  Little Boy had nearly 5 staff members working with him individually…Furthermore, his past foster parents received training on how to parent his special needs.  Now, I cannot get him into this same school because of where we live.  I can’t even get him into a school near the level of where he used to attend.

I am not trying to complain, but I am giving you a window into my stream of thoughts…

So, back to the backyard.  I was reflecting on all God has provided us and thanking Him while simultaneously reflecting on how restrained I feel I am with education for the children.

It was then that I felt a challenging reassurance from God.  “Is it possible you are looking at this the wrong way?  Do you think that living here might be a protection you have not thought of?”  As I pondered this, several scenarios came to mind.  TD is making friends at high school that I don’t know very well, however, without going into detail – I am not sure they are girls I would want her to continually have sleepovers with, etc.  I have heard her friends are great students and that she is making excellent friend choices (from her teachers).  However, I don’t believe they are Christians and for our family, we care who spends the MOST time with our children.  To have non-christian friends is totally acceptable – especially as an opportunity to minister Christ to them.  However, to allow those friends to take up all friendship time is not something we feel best serves our children’s lives.  However, this is not something TD will totally understand since she hasn’t lived with us since birth.  It kind of dawned on me that our home’s location actually prevents some of the scenarios that might be fought over the most.  Fast forward to the dating years (which we don’t totally agree with, but again – it’s complicated).  Our home’s location will be a prevention as well.

I read something in a parenting book that invoked a lot of thought.  It stated that many times parents prioritize their children’s education over their moral training.

In a lot of ways, our home’s location actually prevents scenarios that could cause us great concern.  We will simply need to work hard making the educational doors open.

The revelation of God’s protection brought new gratefulness to my heart.

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