Wonderful Children. Monday, November 2, 2009

The children have been just wonderful!

I will admit I am very sleepy…Night have been hard, but it is TOTALLY worth it to have these two precious children in our home.  The tiredness will somewhat resolve within a few months I am sure, if they are still here.

Jeff and big boy have hit it off (as expected).  Their latest project together was to fix the sink.  Big boy had his Bob the Builder overalls on and totally loved this project.  Here is a photo!

Baby also just loves Jeff.  They are sleeping partners…Here is a photo of them taking a late night nap while I tried to hurriedly clean my kitchen!

They are hearing about Jesus every day.  Today, I peeked in the dining room after handing big boy a pb&j sandwich.  He had his head down on the table.  I asked him what he was doing.  He said, “I’m praying for my food!”  Oh yeah!!!  Love how quickly he has grabbed on to God.

Yesterday, I asked big boy if he remembered who Jesus was.  He paused and I said, “Jesus is God’s Son!”  He answered, “And he loves me!”

Our last visitation with the parents was very positive.  They told me they can see that big boy really loves us and would love it if we could remain in the kids’ lives “when this is all over”.  Yeah!!!

It just shows how precious all children are to God!  We not only get to make an impact now, but in their future – even if not in our home!

Uh oh – baby crying – have to go!

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