Why did we choose to become Foster Parents? Tuesday, November 3, 2009

“Why did you choose to become foster parents?” We hear this question ALL the time.  We see inquisitive eyes looking at us, not able to put puzzle pieces together.  Clearly, there is some type of stereotype we don’t fit.

However, we can answer the question.

You see, if we were to thank anyone (apart from Christ) for leading us to foster parenting, it would be our special friend.  We met her when she was five years old and she quickly stole our hearts.  She would stay with us 2 days here or there, a week, and on a few occasions she even stayed with us for an entire month.

I know what you might be thinking….a whole month?

Let me just say that I will never share the details online regarding this situation, but what I can tell you is that this girl was special.  In fact, I have a tear come to my eye just thinking of her and how precious she is.

Sometimes, we don’t see the needs that are all around us until we are impacted personally by one person who is in the middle of that very situation.

Within a few months of helping her family here and there, we made the decision as a couple – no matter what – at any time – at any place – if the family called us for help, we would drop what we are doing and be there for this little girl.

Some have mentioned to us that we are so giving to open our home and bring little ones in.

But I want you to know that if you met her the way we did – you would have done the exact same thing.

You see, it is not about us and why we are foster parents.

It is about the kids.  It is when you see their need that your heart becomes broken beyond your schedule, day, or plans.

When you see a child cry when the cereal box runs empty (even if you know you have more in the cabinet), when you see their basic needs become their little mind’s concern…  It INTERRUPTS your life.  And I am telling you – you won’t be the same.

When we lost our third precious child to miscarriage, Jeff and I suddenly realized that our home was not to be a place primarily for our own healing and joy.  But it was to become a place for children to be healed.  To experience laughter and play.  To come to know Christ and to be healed by Him personally.

I will never forget the day our little friend asked me after bedtime Bible story, “Can I know Jesus too?”

In that moment, in that room EVERYTHING stopped and I was able to say, “Yes!”, as I choked back my tears.  You couldn’t tell me in that moment that every changed plan, laundry at 1 AM, and every tired night wasn’t worth it.  I got to be the one who led this precious girl to Jesus.  She prayed that night and asked Him to forgive her of her sins.  She was redeemed that day.

She took our hand and led us to foster parenting.

She is the face of children we now have in our home and the ones we haven’t met yet.

She made such an impact on OUR hearts that our life journey was forever changed.

Thank you precious girl for being part of our lives and for letting God use you to minister to us and show us His will for our lives.

You were part of our destiny and we pray we have been part of yours.

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2 Responses to Why did we choose to become Foster Parents? Tuesday, November 3, 2009

  1. Anonymous
    Amazing. I can see the joy in your life and Jeff’s life. I am so glad you took a step into the foster parenting. Not everyone is made to become one. If I had to pick a couple it would be you two.
    Tuesday, November 3, 2009 – 10:50 PM

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