Update Thursday, February 11, 2010


In a nutshell, we found out last Sunday that someone not related to big boy was asking for him to be placed with them. It would have included, amongst other concerns, him being uprooted and made once again to adjust. It would not have been a good scenario for him.

Gratefully, Childhelp really advocates for children. They see what is best for the child and do all they can to assure they are protected emotionally, physically, and mentally. Within a matter of minutes in court, the idea of him being placed at that home was denied.

God is worthy of all the glory on this! It seemed as though each direction we turned in this matter was met with favor from God. God truly protected and covered big boy. And I believe this is due to all the prayer surrounding this little boy.

As I rocked big boy to sleep last night, I pondered…. He had no idea of impending changes. He slept peacefully not realizing how confusing his night could have been.

It is a fulfilling thing to take care of him in these circumstances. To pray hard for him, to know we did right by him.  To know God has His hand on him. He is such a precious child…worth so much in God’s sight.

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