UPDATE on Possible Placements… Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dear Friends and Family, you have all been so patient to hear an update from me.  I was holding out on updating the blog because I was hoping to post good news.

The truth is – I simply haven’t heard back from DHS.  I’ve placed 6 messages so far with them – with absolutely NO response.  (So glad we are working with Childhelp as our foster parenting agency!)

I’ve heard DHS offices are usually in the mode of “putting out fires” and when cases are not urgent, communication easily falls to the side.

If God does not wish for these children to be placed with us, that is His call.  But, right now, I don’t think this lack of communication indicates that.  I just think we are stuck in the tornado of a very busy office that is handling much more severe situations and feels this is not priority.

Imagine how helpless these children are and how much they depend on someone who is willing to see their plight and move in action on BEHALF of them.  To stand in the gap for them and believe for God’s hand to be upon them.  That is what they need.  That is what they deserve.

Prayer changes things.  I continue to pray and I know you all are too.  If this placement (assuming it’s God’s will) takes a fight, then I am willing to do that.  These kids deserve someone fighting for them!

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