Tears from God’s Hand Wednesday, March 17, 2010

There was something special that God did in my living room a few days ago.  It moved my heart so much that I have been allowing it to marinate in my heart and savor God’s goodness.

Yesterday, the main person in charge of Childhelp Michigan cried in my living room.

Now, the way I worded that might seem comical.  But I assure you it was not.

She asked me how little boy (our newest placement) came here.

I began to tell her the story of how little boy came to our home.

As I explained how it all came to be, she nodded her head and listened.  When I told her I met the birth mother at church and talked with her personally, the person from Childhelp started to cry.

God is always going to find a way to glorify Himself.  When He directs our steps so thoroughly and peacefully, others around us can’t help but stop to take notice.  It is my belief that when we invite God’s presence into our home, that others can come in and sense something is different.  God was right in the middle of our conversation.  And there she was crying…. Her tears were from [seeing] God’s hand.  She was amazed to see how all the pieces had come together.

You see, picking up Little Boy this past Monday, all wrapped up in his Barney sleeping bag, touches more people than just him.  When any of us touch the life of a child, far greater territory is covered than we can ever imagine.  We have the opportunity to touch many adults’ lives when we say yes to the life of one child.

God is using our home to provide healing to the needy, hungry and poor.  However, those who are “doing just fine” can pass through and drop a few tears too.

Especially if their tears come from seeing God’s hand.

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