Stop. Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I just want to stop. Stop right where I am.  Right in the middle of my design work, right in the middle of my totally unorganized desk, and right in the middle of my night.  I just want to stop and say, “Hello, God.”…

It was a non-stop day today and I missed running things by Him.

Like: Jesus, am I bothering you right now with my attitude?  Am I pleasing you right now with how I handled this?  Can you please help inspire me on this simple poster and make it into something I would have never thought of on my own? or even just a simple “I love You and thank You.”

Instead, I was fighting my way through simple tasks…  Why is this so hard today?  Why can’t I wrap my brain around this element of my job today?  (seriously!)

Last night, Pastor Tim ( told us about a man who had approached his pastor friend.  The man said, “I only pray about the big things and take care of the small ones myself.”  His pastor responded, “How silly, EVERYTHING is SMALL to God!”

When Pastor Tim shared this story, I practically leapt out of my chair!!!  Something in my heart erupted as I immediately thought about thing after thing that is SMALL to God!  Everything came to my mind at once and I could not contain my joy as I was reminded of God’s greatness.

I am so thankful that He makes Himself available to us…  Not always to speak monumental words to us, though He sometimes does.  But just to be with us.  Just to listen to my small questions.  He is God – He can speak to someone in a life/death situation and simultaneously speak to me in the middle of my work day.  How amazing is that?!

Have you stopped today?

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