Spontaneous Moment Saturday, December 5, 2009

I came down with sickness today.  It was a total bummer because Jeff and I are celebrating our 6th anniversary tomorrow and tonight was going to be a special night for us…Jeff planned a sentimental night where he would take me to where he proposed. We would then walk in Frankenmuth to see the Christmas Lights and then eat dinner where we ate right after his proposal to me in 2003 (yes we got married about 8 months after our engagement).

I was looking forward to holding my husband’s hand under the starry sky as we walked  along looking at Christmas lights. We would have hot coffee in our hands and I would remember how it felt the night he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him.

You might be thinking – it sounds a bit gooshy.  What can I say?  I am the full description of a romantic at heart.  The earth could be smoky gray, but if my love looks at me, I still see it all turn blue.  I will always love God first, but I will always love my Jeff second.  I am grateful for him and always think of how blessed I am that God picked him for me.

I was in my jammies tonight trying to nibble on something at dinnertime with the guys (because foster mommas don’t rest when sick – just like you seasoned birth mommas).  Spontaneously, big boy reached over, put my hand in his, looked at me with his doll face and said, “Here, Miss Dana.  I will make you feel better.”

Oh the things four year olds say!  He should have just popped a Christmas bow on his head – because those simple words were a gift to me tonight!

I missed my night with Jeff, but was still granted the gift of touching words.  And for that I am grateful.

Now off I go to rest! (Well – as soon as bath, bedtime Bible, bedtime worship, bedtime prayer, and bedtime games are done!)  ha ha

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