Soaking Pan Sunday, January 3, 2010

The worship time ended and Pastor Tim was preaching.

My mind wandered as I sat next to TD.  Should I ask her to sit properly?  She is propping her feet up on the chair in front of her.  Do I let it go or do I address it?

Suddenly, the pan soaking in my sink came to mind.

We baked chicken the other day and let me tell you – the pan was sticky!  The pan itself works perfectly.  It serves its purpose wonderfully.  But, the process of baking chicken rendered the pan virtually un-washable.

I could have taken scrapers, brillo pads and muscled my way through the damage.  However, I didn’t do that…

I soaked it!

I knew I could come back a day later and remove the stickiness with virtually no work…I would need only a spray nozzle to get rid of most of it!

As I pondered the pan in my sanctuary seat this morning, my temptation to correct came to a complete pause.  God was speaking to my heart through the ordinary.

He was showing me that we are to soak TD with love.

Soak her with the love of Christ.

We are not to come at her with cleaning pads and attack the peripheral issues…We are just supposed to love her.

Later on, when she is assured of our love and the time comes to confront peripheral issues, it will only take a stream of water from the “spray nozzle” to wash away the stickiness.

She doesn’t need criticism…She needs patience and love.

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