Seedling Peering Over the Dirt. Thursday, December 3, 2009

Within the past few weeks, God has been multiplying the touch of God in big boy’s life.  Yet I realize that statement is not totally true.  God worked in his life even before he came to us, preparing him to even hear the Word of God.  It is just that now we are beginning to see with our eyes what God prepared behind the scenes.

I am reminded of the seeds many of us planted in preschool or kindergarten.  You know what I’m talkin’ about – the white styrofoam cup filled with dirt.  We pushed the seed in with our young fingers and filled the dirt over the top.  “Ok, children,” said our teacher, “put this in your window at home, keep it watered and it will grow!”  For days and weeks it was as though nothing happened.  It looked like the same dirt we planted days and weeks before!  Nothing was happening!  Then, one morning we wake up, just as we had prior.  We are eating our cereal at the table, glance at the window and voila – there it is!  The beautiful green seedling peering over the dirt!

The same with this sweet boy.  Big boy came to us with a soft heart.  God, through us, planted His seed in his heart.  We have watered and cultivated that seed.  We even felt the rumblings of earth as the seedling prepared to make grand entrance.  We saw with our own eyes and ears big boy’s wonderful response to Jesus.

But now, oh my, a whole new level of his response is revealed.

I have often wondered if I am biased.  Am I loving this child so much that I am misreading things?  And yet I can’t believe that.  Dear friends, it seems this boy has a special God purpose for his life that far exceeds him coming into relationship with God and making it through daily life.  I cannot describe what happens in my soul when he sings praise and worship with me each night before bed.  He is praying with such transparency that I am humbled as I feel the presence of God fill his room each night.

Possibly my faith has been too small?  Possibly I only prayed for status quo?  Maybe my vision wasn’t high enough for the children coming to us.  I was hoping for healing, salvation and peace in their lives…a soft place to land.  A journey of healing for their soul.

And yet, big boy stands before me and all I can see is a VICTOR!  After bedtime last night, I practically ran to my husband to tell him what happened…  I was so pumped I had to stop and praise God over and over.

Just like the seed planted in preschool:  Last night we prayed as we do each night, but something seemed to suddenly grow before my eyes.  His prayer was honest and real before God.  It came from the depths of his heart.  I could tangibly feel his sincerity.  Big boy began, “Dear Jesus, I love you soooo much.  I love you soooo much God [if only you could hear his voice].  God, I want you to be with me all the time.  Please be with me when I play with my toys.  Please be with me when I play with my cars.  Please be with me all the time.  Please God.  I want you to be with me all the time.  I love you soooo much.  I pray for my daddy and my family.  Please protect me God.  In Jesus name I pray, AMEN!” As he prayed, the wonderful presence of God filled the room where we were. [For those of you reading who have not personally experienced who Jesus is, this might seem “mystical”.  But the love Jesus has to offer you is so overwhelming that you can actually feel Him (He embodies the definition of love) with you in the room.  His arms are open to you, just wanting you to pray big boy’s prayer.  You may not be playing with cars or toys, but instead you are working or with your family.  The simple prayer big boy prayed can be yours also.  “Oh God, be with me wherever I am.”  You can open your heart to him right where you are.  It does not have to be at church or with a pastor or priest.  God is always available and able to hear a humbled heart calling to Him.]

Then big boy said, “Your turn!”

I began to pray, as I do each night, for protection, healing, for him to hear and recognize the voice of God at a young age, and the very near presence of God over his life.  As I prayed, big boy began to agree with me in prayer.  I began, “Oh God, I pray you would protect big boy’s heart, mind, soul, and body.”  Big boy would interject, “Yes, Jesus.”  I would continue, “Please bring healing to big boy’s heart.  Please do a miracle in his heart that would help him when he misses his daddy and his family.”  Again, big boy would interject, “Yes, God.”  Throughout the prayer, big boy continued to agree with me in prayer.  My heart began to shake.  I was barely able to hold in my soul’s praise as this little four year old and I began to pray together in unity.

Some might say he was merely mimicking what he hears me and Jeff do.  But I can only agree to a certain point.  You see, I didn’t feel like he was praying to the God he hears me and Jeff pray to.  No – big boy is learning already what it is to know God for himself.  He doesn’t have to know God through me or Jeff only….  He is somehow grasping that he has direct contact with God – any time or any place.

And I amazed.  I really am.  Call me a small faith girl.  Call me naive.  Call me a high talkin, prideful foster momma.  Call me anything you want.

But I say that God has a finger on this boy’s life.  What God will mold I do not know.  But I do know that God creates masterpieces when a life is surrendered to Him.  And I fully believe that someday there will be a masterpiece God created out of this precious boy.  My only selfish prayer is that we might be able to somehow see it for ourselves upon its completion.

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