Reminded to Say Thank You Friday, November 6, 2009

I was driving to work this morning listening to the radio.  The radio show has a segment where people call in with their “thank you’s”.  Some of the folks gave such humble praise reports that stirred my heart…things I totally agreed with.  Such as:  God has been merciful to me and I don’t deserve it.  I am so grateful He even takes the time to love me personally.

As I heard these folks share their testimony, I had to turn my radio off.

I started thanking God for myself.

I have been so busy with the day to day activities with taking care of children, wife, church that I wasn’t saying my thank you’s as often.

As I prayed (and drived – ha ha!) the presence of God just filled my car.

I started to thank God specifically for the children staying with us.  Thanking Him that He brought us a baby and a 4 year old.  Out of all the precious children out there, He gave us a 4 year old who loves to listen and is well behaved.  The baby is perfectly healthy, rarely cries, and doesn’t even get diaper rash (probably a weird thing to be grateful for?)!  Thanked Him for even taking the time to perfectly fit together children with us that fit our secret desires.

For instance, big boy is a snuggler.  I am a snuggler through and through and love the fact that big boy is one too.

Big boy likes cars so much that he and Jeff watch the classic car auctions together.  Jeff didn’t ask for a little friend who would like cars, but God knew the things that would bless Jeff.  They have great times together talking about cars.  Jeff teaches him how the engines work and big boy is fully attentive soaking it in.  He loves cars.

Baby has touched my heart in a special way too.  For so long I have desired to hold a baby in my arms, to smell baby shampoo and to dote on a little one.  God didn’t have to answer my longing.  But he did.  Even more, it was the BEST way He could have done it – straight from the hospital.  God not only brought me a baby, but one that had never entered another home than ours.  How overwhelming is that!

I love to sing and have often tried to sing with children I have nannied in the past.  The response I get is:  Stop it!!!  But not with big boy.  He cannot sleep at night unless I sing to him.  God did not have to add that extra detail in, but He did.

Every way we turn, it becomes clear that God is answering our simple cries.  I never interceded for these things or prayed long into the night for these details.  But my wonderful Jesus took the time to listen to my heart cry and to respond to what I would have wanted – and He didn’t have to.  He just wanted to.  He pursued after our desires to see them met, even if in temporary form.

Tears flow down my cheeks now just contemplating how merciful, kind, and generous my Savior is.

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One Response to Reminded to Say Thank You Friday, November 6, 2009

  1. Becki
    Amen, Dana. He is so tender and faithful. 🙂
    Friday, November 6, 2009 – 01:10 PM

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