How has it been?: 3 & 4 Thursday, January 7, 2010

Friends, family and acquaintances are curious to know how things are going in our home.  I often hear questions or statements, such as:

I want to adopt children too.

How long will they stay?

How do you like having a teenager in your home?

How is Big Boy?

Don’t you get attached?

It takes a special person to foster parent.

Now for 3 and 4!

3.  How do you like having a teenager in your home?

We have found it to be great!

Let’s erase the images you might have seen going through your mind when I told you a teenager is coming to our home.  TD might have moments of common teenager attitudes.  However, we are not experiencing theft, smoking, drugs, acting out, bad language, or anything severe.  To be honest, some of the things I listed are things we could have experienced.  But, that is not the case in regards to TD.

She likes to do activities together.  She jokes non-stop.  She is pointedly sarcastic while maintaining a spark of humor in her eyes.  She is giddy when tired.  She is a pretty young lady, but when she lets loose and is just totally herself, she hits you as a completely beautiful work of God’s hands.  But, she does not like gushiness or talking about feelings – at least not yet.  She is very factual and determined and most certainly does not like having impromptu pictures taken (thus the above pic)!  And to be honest…she fits right in!

I would never have thought to have a teenager in my home, but with her it works.  And we have told her, with tears in our eyes (much to her dismay – remember she doesn’t like gushiness!) that we don’t want her to leave.  She can stay with us as long as she wants.

She has a heart for God that I am sure will grow stronger and deeper in her time with us.  To make it simply plain:  I believe that God has a work that He is going to do in her heart that will be awesome.  And I can’t wait to see it!

4.  How is Big Boy?

Well, Big Boy is Big Boy.  What can I say?  He continues to be a charmer who is still “yittle” enough to cuddle, rock and sing to…Yet, he is big enough to want to do things on his own.  He is another bundle of comedy – always saying funny things to make us laugh.  But he is even funnier when he isn’t trying to be funny and says cute things only 4 year olds can say.

His favorite word of late is “eyeball”.  (LOL)  Such as:

Hey, you silly eyeball head!

Look at this chicken!  It looks like eyeballs!

I am going to eat you, you little eyeball!

I mean – seriously – where did learn to use the word “eyeball” to describe everything?  I don’t know!

On a serious note, his heart for Jesus brings tears to my eyes.  A few weeks ago, we were listening to worship music in the car.  I heard him talking in the back seat and turned off the music and asked, “What did you say hon?”  He said, “i didn’t say anything to you.  I am talking to Jesus.”  At that, I turned the music on and thanked my Savior.

A few days ago, I was rocking big boy to sleep and was singing “Shout to the Lord”.  As I sang, he began to intercede for his family, completely unprompted.  I sang, “Shout to the Lord…”  And he would enter saying, “Dear Jesus, I pray for my daddy…”  “All the earth let us sing.”   “Yes, God.  Please protect him.” “Power and Majesty, praise to the King.”  “Yes, God.  And for my Nana.  Please protect her too.” As I continued to sing the song, he continued to interject names and simple prayer requests for each person.  I could tangibly feel the presence of Jesus in the room that night.  Oh the greatness of God that hears the cries of the whole world and yet hears my yittle big boy praying…  It is as though the God of the Universe leans forward with his hand cupped behind his ear…  “Who is that little boy praying so earnestly to me?”  I stand in complete wonder of the great God who hears our small, meager prayers.

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