Flexible Wednesday, October 14, 2009

As one of the staff members at our church (www.revivaltab.org) says, “Blessed are the flexible for they will not be bent out of shape.”

Yesterday, we were informed that 2 children would come to our home today (per my last blog entry).  I found out about 2 hours ago that it might not work out after all.

The children that were coming to our home have an older sister who cannot be placed in our home (as we are certified for 2 children).  Apparently, DHS (Department of Human Services) wants all the siblings to be in the same agency.  This is understandable and fair as it helps the children streamline communication between family, siblings, and their agency.  Childhelp (the agency we are licensed through) was able to match the younger children to our home but could not find a match for the 13 year old sister.

There is a slim chance that the children might still come our way (if another home is not found for them).  They don’t like to put the children in two separate agencies, but will do it if they have to.  They will let us know by tomorrow either way.

We are disappointed (as it sounds like it won’t work out), but know that these things happen when you are part of the foster care system.  (I will write later on the foster care system and how I see it…mmm….suspense….)

We can only say yes and then trust it to God as to who should come to our home.  He is always, always, always in charge!

Trusting God with it!

Jeff & Dana

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