Encouragement. Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Today is the day we pick up TD (Teenage Daughter)…  It was supposed to be Monday, but things progressed quickly and she is coming to live with us – ON MY BIRTHDAY.

Wow, so many of you have encouraged me these past few days!

Gratefully, I have had a few days to allow my mind to process the changes ahead.  There is still nervousness, but also a brewing excitement to all that lies ahead.

But, so many of you were the catalyst that helped me over the hump of my concerns and fears.

I received emails that were so kindly written and I truly, truly felt strength from your words of encouragement.

One email came from a friend of mine who lives out of state.  She and her husband are also foster parents and are traveling nearly the same journey as us.

I asked her if I could post the letter she sent to me as it truly captured EXACTLY how I was feeling when I posted “What Do You Do?”  She so kindly gave me permission.

Here are her words to me:

First of all, I love that you are so willing to listen and obey God. I know somewhat how you are feeling. When we were approached to adopt a 6 year old boy and 8 year old girl. I hesitated, cried (I think because I knew I would do it – this was the calling on my life) but was scared, a little selfish, somewhat jealous, excited – so many feelings!

I remember comparing my situation to all my close friends. Most of them had children the natural way. They watched them grow from day one and experienced every exciting thing in their life. They all have preschoolers and babies. And here I would be with a first and third grader (yes, I know that is different from a teen but as close as I can get and Im sure some of the feelings are the same). I also wondered if they would every accept and respect me as a mother figure and someday as their mother. I was feeling sorry for just a little bit and then I remembered this is what I was made to do. To love these special kids. My story and life would be unique and oh so special too!

I know you know all this but she needs you! She will probably test you and try everything within her to see if you will give up on her like so many others have done. You won’t – you will love her love her love her. God knew you could.

I am proud of you. God chose you because He knew you could do it! What an awesome miracle! Congratulations! This will change your life forever.

This letter summed up every feeling I had and still have.  There is excitement, but a twinge of jealousy…wondering why this is my journey.  And just as she explained, that jealousy quickly turns to knowing that God purposed this for our life and He is doing awesome things through the pain of not being able to have our own children.

Each of you that sent me an email or note truly encouraged me.  I read every comment and letter…  And I am so grateful for your support, love, and belief in the wonderful things God is doing in these children.  For those of you who live far away, there is nothing I would love to do more than to introduce you to these precious children…

I pray you all have a wonderful Christmas!

I approached Christmas thinking I had one child to share it with and God quickly turned it into two!

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