Embarrassing Moment Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I was talking to a friend on the phone and she admitted to me something embarrassing that happened to her yesterday.  Her semi-reluctance to share her story with me caused me to share my own recent, embarrassing incident with her.

Don’t we all just feel a lot better when we realize we are not the only ones?!

Upon telling her the following story, she sighed in relief, got a good laugh, and felt much better that she was not alone…  She also realized her story, though embarrassing, was not nearly as bad as mine…

You see, I can almost trump anyone that has an embarrassing story – because I have fallen so many times IN PUBLIC!!!!  (I am laughing out loud!)  And I remember them all!

One of my most embarrassing falls happened this past Christmas…  This is what I shared with my friend:

It was Christmas shopping season.  There is such a feeling of magic in the mall at Christmas time.  I don’t know if it is the Christmas music playing or the larger than life ornaments that are hung from the ceiling or the glistening gold tones all about.  But I get a thrill when entering the mall at Christmas time.

However, upon entering Macy’s, I am tongue tied and jibbery (smile).  Probably because I feel as though I do not belong there…  People are perfectly dressed around me, with their Coach purses, and pampered manicures.  I enter the scene with my jeans, baggy sweaters, hair in a bun, and dry hands (ha ha).  There are even times I will “get ready” to go to Macy’s so I don’t feel so out of place.  But I am a dead giveaway – I look like a very normal person mom!

This particular Christmas, big boy and I went to Macy’s to purchase Jeff’s favorite cologne:  Acqua Di Gio.  Big boy had to walk more than normal and I was dragging him through the mall despite protests, “I am bored of walking!”  We were already a scene by the time we got to the escalator.

I was trying to act cheerful, while feeling impatient beneath my skin.  “Ok, big boy, let’s go down the escalator.”  Pause.  “Ok, ready?!  One, Two, Three!”  I stepped on the stair to go down and instantly realized that big boy had frozen in place.

I panicked when I realized anyone could just pick him up where he was and I could lose him forever.  He was totally vulnerable and his large chocolate eyes stared at me in panic.

I did what every mom would do…or at least a panicking mom would do.

I turned around and tried to climb back up the stairs!

Ok, so let’s just get a few things straight….  I am not exactly a fit person…  Or even close to being fit.  I was running up the stairs, and getting absolutely nowhere!  It was like being on a treadmill with stairs.  I was in a stationary position, running with all my might.  (Ok, now I am laughing out loud and nearly in tears!)

I finally realized I could not get to big boy and had to turn around and go down the stairs.  When I did, I totally tripped and then fell!!!


Don’t worry folks…Amongst your tears of laughter you MAY be asking if I was hurt on the sharp, metal steps.  And the answer is NO.  But my pride was hurt.

Thankfully, a very nice guy saw the situation (and my blushing embarrassment) and kindly picked big boy up and brought him down the escalator for me.

I looked at a finely dressed young man and said, “You must have got a kick out of that!”

And with that statement, I topped off my embarrassment sundae with a cherry!

In closing, the funniest part of the whole story is that I will relive it each time I go up/down an escalator.  Why you ask?  Because every time we have used an escalator following this event, big boy looks at me and says in a very serious, urgent tone, “Miss Dana, be careful.  Don’t get hurt.  Don’t fall down the stairs.”

And what can I do but laugh??!!!!!  How can a four year old understand this is hopefully the only time in my entire life I will fall THAT way.  I will most certainly fall another way, as is the pattern of my life, but certainly not on the escalator.  Or should I be so sure?  hmmmm….

I would love to hear some of your embarrassing stories now that I have totally put myself out there!!!  Come on – add a comment and let me hear yours!

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6 Responses to Embarrassing Moment Tuesday, January 12, 2010

  1. Christi White
    Ok Dana, you asked for it. My embarrassing moment is so embarrassing I have a hard time telling people. It actually happened at CBC graduation. I was REALLY excited/nervous about walking across the big stage. I had visions of me tripping or twisting my ankle with my heels So again, really nervous. It was my rows turn to stand up and get ready to climb the stairs. Well when I stood up I passed gas not only VERY loudly but VERY long too! I was seriously so embarrassed I wanted to run and hide!!! I have not topped that one as of yet…thankfully!!!!
    Tuesday, January 12, 2010 – 05:57 PM

  2. Dana
    That is awesome Christi!!! I am so glad you left a comment… I feel better now! And what a hilarious story too!!!
    Tuesday, January 12, 2010 – 09:25 PM

  3. angela
    i just finished reading your last blog which made me cry. Now i find myself laughing! there is nothing like a good laugh!!!! thanks!
    Wednesday, January 13, 2010 – 11:34 AM

  4. Dana
    too funny Angela!
    Thursday, January 14, 2010 – 09:41 AM

  5. Laurie
    How funny! I can’t recall a public embarrassing moment. But kids say the funniest things to embarrass you at times. Last week I was at my mom’s house and I got on the floor to play with my 1 yr old daughter. Well all of a sudden my 10 yr old, all wide eyed, proclaimed loudly “MOM!! I have Never seen you on your knees playing!! This is so cool!!” Now, I know I am older but I am also plumper than I was when she was a baby! I just thought her shocked look was hilarious and I busted out laughing and then I struggled to get up off the floor! She thought I was the coolest mom for being on my knees with her little sister, how funny!
    Monday, January 18, 2010 – 01:11 AM

  6. Dana
    That is so funny Laurie! I could just see your ten year old’s eyes…She is a funny one! Thanks for sharing! I love it!
    Wednesday, January 20, 2010 – 10:26 PM

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