Divine Appointment. Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just wanted to write a quick note to you all to please be praying with us. We might have a placement (we would rather call it a divine appointment)!

They are 2 and 5 years old.  I don’t even know their gender yet, but am excited about the possibility!

I was praying yesterday asking God if He would continue to move His hand regarding the children that come to us.  My deepest prayer is that our home would become a place of healing to these children.

Because we are working with a private agency, we do not always get ‘first dibs’ as I am perceiving the system to work.  It appears that the ‘overflow’ goes to private agencies (at least this is how I perceive it).  So, my prayer has been that no matter the system, God would send the children appointed to this time and this place to come to our home – no matter how long their stay.

Should you be praying for us, please pray for us to be very aware of what God is speaking to us from moment to moment.  There are many things we expect to take place in this season of pain these children will face.  There are also many more unexpected things that will take place.  Things that will necessitate us being very aware of God’s voice.

When I hear, “Why didn’t my mom/dad visit me today?” – We need to be ready with the most healing answer.

When I hear a child crying, “I want my mommy.”  We need to be able to hear God’s voice on exactly how to answer that deep need in their heart at that moment.

There will be numerous scenarios – too many to count.  So we petition your prayers.  We believe that God will completely cover us, leading and directing us – but we also know that we have NOTHING apart from God and that we rely on His near presence and voice.

Thanks everyone!  Love you all!

Jeff and Dana

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